AppOmni Selected as a 2021 CyberTech100 Company

CyberTech Recognized AppOmni

We’re proud to announce that AppOmni was chosen as a 2021 CyberTech100 company. The CyberTech100 is an annual list of the world’s most innovative providers of digital solutions that help financial services firms fight off cyber attacks and protect their data. It’s organized by FinTech Global, a specialist research firm.

This year, more than 1,000 companies applied for the CyberTech100. That means fewer than 10 percent of applicants were chosen by a panel of analysts and industry experts as the “best of the best” when it comes to securing financial organizations and their data.

A diverse set of organizations across the finance and banking sectors use AppOmni to protect their SaaS applications. Our customers include some of the world’s largest mortgage and wealth management companies, Fortune 100 banks, and private companies like Scale Venture Partners and Personal Capital.

Banking and finance leaders choose AppOmni because our SaaS security management platform makes it easy for organizations to secure even the most complex and dynamic SaaS environments. AppOmni’s platform continuously monitors configurations, user and third party permissions, and access to critical data. Teams can define security policies and guardrails across their business units’ SaaS applications to ensure regulatory requirements are satisfied. This is accomplished by making security and monitoring easy and effective through in-product insights and expertise. Our goal is to make SaaS security automated, repeatable, and scalable for security teams, IT, and SaaS administrators.

Financial Services has always been a key sector for AppOmni. Before running the security teams at Salesforce and ServiceNow, our CEO Brendan O’Connor began his career as a security practitioner in the financial services industry. He has a deep understanding of the risks, challenges, and regulations faced by financial services organizations, and the AppOmni team works hard to ensure our solution meets the high standards demanded by the industry. That makes receiving the CyberTech100 recognition from FinTech Global even sweeter.

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