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Learn how AppOmni’s patented technology can help you Scan, Secure, and Monitor your cloud applications

AppOmni is powered by SaaS security experts. Our technology is built on deep understandings of SaaS applications, how they work, and how our customers interact with them. Understanding the expectations of our customers’ Security, IT, and Compliance teams and the gaps that can exist between those expectations and the reality of SaaS implementation is what lead us to create the unique permissions modeling algorithms that drive our product.

Is the Cloud Secure?

Contributor: Kasey Panetta, March 27, 2018 on

Through 2022, at least 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s error. Different cloud models have different risk and control ramifications — Make sure your strategy reflects this reality. Recommendations for developing a cloud computing strategy and predictions for the future of cloud security...

Using Roles for Continuous SaaS Security Monitoring

Understanding the ins and outs of effective access, permissions, and sharing in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications can be challenging for even the most mature security and IT organizations. When you scale this problem across thousands or tens of thousands of supported employees in multiple SaaS clouds the complexity of the problem scales exponentially...

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How SaaS is changing Security Operations

Software as a Service has become the de-facto standard for application delivery across the enterprise. The benefits of SaaS are many. Reduced time to value for users, lower up-front costs, ease of delivery and scalability, and continuous upgrades and new functionality. However, SaaS also presents new challenges in the realms of cybersecurity, data governance, and...

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