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Jefferies Financial Group and Scale Venture Partners

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“It’s a big win for us to partner with a company like AppOmni that performs continuous posture assessment, highlights misconfigurations, and provides the confidence to the security team that they can go ahead and enable the business to perform at the highest level.”

– Mittul Mehta, Senior VP of Information Security, Jefferies

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“AppOmni provides a real partnership around securing my cloud footprint. I hadn’t seen a tool do what they do with configuration management, and it’s a real differentiator. It’s a killer app for large enterprises and SMB companies. I’m looking forward to adding more apps to our AppOmni footprint because I love what the tool does.”

– Bob Genchi, Vice President of Information Technology and Security, Scale Venture Partners


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AppOmni’s SaaS security platform gives security and IT teams an easy and automated way to secure their SaaS data and environments.