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A Guide to SaaS Security Management

In this guide, we’ll examine the unique security challenges associated with SaaS and the need for a new category of products to manage SaaS since it’s now part of the critical IT infrastructure: SaaS Security Management.

Common Security Practices Don’t Fully Protect Today’s Enterprise SaaS Platforms

SaaS environments now house massive amounts of business-critical data and accommodate a wide variety of users, including internal employees, contractors, and partners that require a modern solution to SaaS Security.

Pentests Often Miss 6 Critical SaaS Security Issues.
Here’s Why.

While pentests do offer significant value to security organizations, they also have some notable drawbacks that must be accounted for with compensating controls and technical oversight.

How Third-Party Apps Can Compromise The Security Of SaaS Environments

The risks from third-party applications have always been a concern for security teams. The SolarWinds breach is an example of a 3rd-party application inserting a vulnerability into an otherwise secure infrastructure.

SaaS Security and Management Survey

Enterprises are fast-tracking their adoption of remote work technologies. Leveraging SaaS to enable this transition allows enterprises to overcome the hurdles associated with the traditional method of business operations.

Treating SaaS as The Critical Infrastructure It Is

Enterprise applications support the vital activities of every line of business within an organization. Despite the importance and growing reliance on these applications, they are seldom considered a part of an organization’s critical infrastructure.

Data Security In The
SaaS Age

Despite enterprise best efforts, data security (especially in cloud services) continues to be a growing risk. Traditional processes and solutions haven’t proven to be as effective in protecting your SaaS data. Rather than prioritizing out-dated approaches, teams must rethink their SaaS data security strategy.

A Comparison of SaaS Data Security & Open S3 Buckets

S3 draws its strength from the sheer speed, fluidity, and volume with which it handles data. The same can be said of the SaaS applications that support key enterprise business functions today. And just as with S3 buckets, misconfigurations here can give bad actors ready access to the data in these applications.

SaaS Security Best Practices In #WFH World

For enterprise IT leaders looking to secure their at-home workforce in a SaaS-driven world, a number of best practices can help to move the needle.

Case Study

Security Software Company Adds Some Security of Its Own

“By partnering with AppOmni, we were able to gain the necessary insight into the various users and their roles in our Salesforce instance to instill the level of security needed.

AppOmni has also helped our SaaS and IT administrators collaborate and streamline our overall security process.”