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The complete SSPM solution for Salesforce

Quickly gain detailed visibility and monitoring capabilities into your Salesforce security posture and data access.

AppOmni for Salesforce gives Security, Compliance, and IT teams the tools and automation they need to manage security posture, risk, and data access across all Salesforce environments. Built on the world’s most powerful SaaS Security Posture Management platform, AppOmni for Salesforce delivers unparalleled visibility, detection, monitoring, remediation, and compliance capabilities in minutes instead of months.

Our industry-leading SaaS security experts used to manage, design, and build the Salesforce security, detection, and incident response teams. With AppOmni for Salesforce, now they work for you.

The AppOmni Platform
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CSPM for SaaS Solution for Salesforce

AppOmni is the Complete SSPM Solution for Salesforce

Security Posture Management across Instances

Salesforce is an incredibly powerful system, and with great power comes great responsibility! Your team needs tooling and automated continuous monitoring to make sure the configuration and security posture of your Salesforce environment aligns with your goals and standards.

AppOmni monitors 225+ Salesforce configuration settings and 350+ system permissions to make sure the configuration of your Salesforce environments never deviate from what you expect.

The powerful AppOmni modeling engine allows you to write rules about permissions and access without having to understand or review each Profile or Permission Set yourself – let us do the hard work!

Most importantly, your security posture policies can be monitored across every single one of your Salesforce environments with the click of a button.

Policy Violation Automatic Remediation
Explore who has Access to What and Where

Immediately understand who has access to what and why

Salesforce’s additive permissions and access system is able to support any sort of business logic, which leads to complexity. As your Salesforce environments live and grow, access control can become a tangled web.

Salesforce admins and security teams alike need to be able to understand who has access to what, and why, with confidence!

AppOmni’s modeling capabilities allow you to investigate the effective access a Salesforce user has and why that access exists. Immediately understanding what Profile, Permission Set, or System Setting – or combinations of them – is granting access reduces time to remediation (MTTR) and enables you to make changes with confidence.

Easily craft security guardrails and develop with confidence

When crafting data access policies, it’s not just “too much” access that you need to watch out for. Being too restrictive with access control can also be a problem. The Sales team suddenly becoming unable to do their jobs after a configuration change can be just as impactful to a business as a data breach.

AppOmni enables Salesforce admins and IT teams to write functional policies in addition to security policies. These data access policies define the minimum required access that a cohort of users must have in Salesforce in order to do their job.

Using AppOmni and a combination of security and functional policies, your Security, Compliance, and IT teams can align their goals to create guardrails of known-good access.

Create security policy guard rails.
Salesforce Community and Guest User Security

Quickly secure Guest Users, Communities, and Sites

Salesforce’s Site and Community products are among their most powerful and most widely adopted. With the click of a button Salesforce admins can create external-facing interaction points with their customers.

Without proper management and continuous security monitoring, though, these customer portals can inadvertently become critical data leaks. Because these Sites and Communities are driven by the same Salesforce tenants as sensitive business processes and data, misconfigurations can expose that data to the world.

AppOmni enables security teams and Salesforce administration teams to work together to identify proper access for Guest Users and other external-facing user accounts. Once guardrails are in place, AppOmni will ensure the public never gains access to more data than you intend.

Learn More About External User Security

Continuous, Effortless Compliance Monitoring

Make point-in-time, checklist-based compliance reviews of your Salesforce environments a thing of the past!

Relying on a point-in-time compliance analysis of your SaaS applications doesn’t properly capture how much these applications change day to day. Living systems demand continuous monitoring and assurance that they are always in compliance.

AppOmni empowers your Compliance teams to monitor Compliance concerns for Salesforce continuously, and quickly remediate any findings before they present concerns.

Easy compliance reporting built into AppOmni natively.
Compare user access over time.

Investigating Access Drift Between Roles and Over Time

Salesforce environments are living systems. As your business grows, so does the amount of data in your Salesforce environment and the complexity of access controls in that environment.

AppOmni allows you to travel back in time to any point since AppOmni has been installed and see how data access has changed. This capability can also be used to compare differences in access between two users to understand why one person has access another doesn’t.

Just like all other parts of the AppOmni modeling engine, comparison views show you each and every reason access exists helping you fix problems faster.

AppOmni for Salesforce Gives you a 360° View

By comprehensively evaluating and modeling the security posture of a Salesforce instance instead of simply watching event logs, AppOmni is able to provide immediate, relevant, and actionable insights.

225+ security-relevant settings for posture and configuration monitoring

350+ Permissions monitored for  assignment to all RBAC elements

350+ Permissions monitored for Effective assignment to Users

Profile configuration and data access entitlements

Permission Set configuration and data access entitlements

User configuration data

External user access

1,325+ types of Setup Audit Trail data, normalized and translated

Salesforce Communities and Sites configuration

Connected Application installation

All user OAuth token grants and usages

Object and record access configurations

Apex code access and configuration

Custom Apex REST endpoint exposure

Automatic risk analysis

RBAC configuration exploration and reporting

Continuous security posture monitoring

Continuous data access monitoring

Expert-built default policies and metrics

Integration with external SIEMs

Integration with work tracking systems

Instant SOC2, NIST CSF, SOX, ISO reports

Monitor permission changes, ensuring you detect privilege escalations

Detect new OAuth Token grants and usages across instances

Comprehensive Detection and Monitoring Capabilities

AppOmni for Salesforce seamlessly normalizes all events and audit logs provided by Salesforce and delivers them to your existing SIEM infrastructure. There’s no need to train your SOC on yet another new “single pane of glass” – with AppOmni, critical data about your SaaS applications are normalized cross-cloud and delivered to the systems your SOC teams already use.

If you are a Salesforce Shield customer, AppOmni will consume the additional logs provided by Shield and normalize them to the same event streams that flow to your SIEM. With AppOmni, there’s no need to build your own integrations to download, parse, and evaluate Shield logs – we’ve got you covered, instantly.

Because of the deep integration between AppOmni and your Salesforce environments, AppOmni is also able to add new types of security-relevant events to the data sent to your SIEM. Our industry-leading SaaS security experts continually develop new data analysis to provide your security teams.

AppOmni for Salesforce

Salesforce / Shield

Other Solutions

User Login History
User Verification History

Requires Salesforce Shield

Requires Salesforce Shield

Requires Salesforce Shield

Configuration Actions

6 months, unstructured

User 2FA configuration changes
OAuth Token Grants
Normalized Record History
Custom SOQL-based detections
Restricted objects edited by specific user types
API Actions
Salesforce-native detections
AppOmni expert-designed detections across instances and clouds
Reports Run
Lightning Events
Login Forensics

Interested in learning more about how AppOmni for Salesforce can help secure the apps that power your enterprise?

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Simple, Rapid Deployment

AppOmni takes less than 10 minutes to deploy and immediately delivers visibility and actionable insights.

Unlike CASB’s, network-based security solutions, or monitoring tools that require large amounts of log or event ingestion, AppOmni connects cloud-to-cloud using Salesforce’s robust APIs.

Deploying AppOmni against any Salesforce environment is as simple as installing an official Salesforce AppExchange integration package and completing a standard authentication flow in the AppOmni platform.

That’s it! No network changes, hardware to install, or routing rules to deploy. AppOmni is deployed and scanning in minutes.

AppOmni is an approved Salesforce Partner, dedicated to ensuring our integrations make only supported and secure use of the Salesforce Platform.

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