Manage Security Posture and Risk For



Gain actionable insights around GitHub’s security posture and data access.

AppOmni improves GitHub security to keep your valuable intellectual property safe.

GitHub hosts more than one million software repositories. It is relied on daily by Fortune 500 companies to build amazing things together. For many companies, source code is a part of their ‘secret sauce’ and security teams are chartered with protecting this important intellectual property. They are often met with challenges around determining access, understanding integration sprawl, and evaluating the overarching risks that could lead to an issue.

AppOmni helps you uncover and answer key questions about your GitHub environment to increase visibility into access, potential risks, and more. 



Timely Access and Setting Discovery

GitHub org administration requires depth of knowledge and familiarity to properly navigate settings and administrative actions. This level of expertise creates a large learning gap for peripheral service users such as Security and IT teams.

AppOmni delivers visibility across a wide array of settings and configurations, helping definitively answer key questions such as, “How many of my repositories are public?”


with Proactive Policies

GitHub is one of the best and most secure places to store your code. However, it can be all too easy to accidentally add the wrong user to an organization or to a repository.

AppOmni enables policy development to ensure teams are quickly notified of deviations from intended secure behavior, such as if repositories are switched from private to public. 



Each Repository

Being able to quickly determine user and team access to repositories is not very convenient. It requires traversing repositories and then manually linking users and teams to those repositories.

AppOmni allows you to quickly determine what repository access teams are provisioned with, as well as monitor for deviations from your established user and team access model. 

Our Methodology


Cross-cloud Security Posture Management

Gain complete visibility across your critical SaaS environments like never before.


Data Access Exploration and Exposure Prevention

Find, fix, and prevent internal and external data access misconfigurations quickly with the power of best practice policy guardrails.


Powerful Monitoring and Detection Capabilities

Cut through the noise and receive actionable alerts.

Companies That Know SaaS Choose AppOmni​

Two of Silicon Valley's three largest tech companies

Fortune 100 banks, insurers, and healthcare

Several respected cyber security providers