SaaS Security for Every Stage​

AppOmni makes it easy for businesses to protect and monitor their entire SaaS environment, at each stage of their company and technology lifecycles.

Initial SaaS Implementation

When deploying new SaaS applications, teams are tasked with leveraging a minimum security baseline to ensure SaaS apps are configured properly from initial deployment.

How AppOmni Can Help:

  • Identify application misconfigurations & policy violations
  • Alert on suspicious activity
  • Continuously monitor compliance

Customer Use Case: AppOmni helped a large national bank secure Salesforce data after moving data from an on-prem solution to the cloud.

Securing Current SaaS Apps

Companies need to continuously understand their compliance levels and identify common SaaS data threats such as suspicious logins, brute force attempts, OAuth issues, over-privileged user access, and configuration drift.

How AppOmni Can Help:

  • Identify application misconfigurations & policy violations
  • Alert on suspicious activity
  • Manage data access

Customer Use Case: AppOmni helped a Fortune 500 company secure customer data after suffering breaches due to Salesforce misconfigurations.

M&A Due Diligence

Companies must evaluate the current state of SaaS deployments during a merger or acquisition event to avoid taking on financial, reputational, and regulatory risk posed by the transaction.

How AppOmni Can Help:

  • Deploy policies to compare best practices and business intent
  • Scan APIs, security controls, and configuration settings

Customer Use Case: AppOmni helped a large global SaaS software company perform M&A due diligence on acquisition targets.

IPO Preparation​

Enterprises must understand their organizational risks and report incidents when preparing for an IPO. This is critical when cybersecurity disclosures are required.

How AppOmni Can Help:

  • Deliver an automated workflow that: Aggregates and normalizes SaaS activity events, checks logs against detection scenarios, sends alerts
  • Continuously monitor for SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST-CSF, NIST 800-53, and SOX compliance

Customer Use Case: AppOmni helped a Silicon Valley food service company ensure all users had the correct level of access and its SaaS environment was secure in preparation for an IPO.

Compliance & Regulatory Preparation

Teams must implement security standards for ongoing monitoring and reducing risk associated with confidential data located in SaaS applications.

How AppOmni Can Help:

  • Deliver compliance frameworks and track due diligence
  • Monitor compliance for SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, and SOX with built-in configuration

Customer Use Case: AppOmni helped a global investment banking firm ensure it had the precise security configurations in place for its Salesforce instance to meet regulatory standards.

Integration of 3rd Party Apps & APIs

Security and IT teams need to understand which SaaS apps and APIs are approved, each one’s level of access, and who can install a SaaS app.

How AppOmni Can Help:

  • Manage 3rd party applications & APIs
    Continuously monitor SaaS apps and access
  • Inventory all SaaS apps, including those installed by users and not IT or security teams

Customer Use Case: AppOmni helped a mid-sized investment firm keep track of changes in SaaS data without needing to spend significant time and resources on configuration management and manual permission reviews.

Managing SaaS Permissions & Privileges

Enable IT and security teams to easily assign permissions to employees and technology as needed, and remove or reduce access when a role change calls for a different level of data access.

How AppOmni Can Help:

  • Aggregate and normalize SaaS activity events
  • Manage Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) & least privilege access
  • Continuously monitor the SaaS environment

Customer Use Case: AppOmni helped a Top 5 technology firm ensure that users were provisioned correctly and former employees no longer had access to sensitive data.

Shift to a Hybrid Workforce

Whether a hybrid workforce is already in place or an organization is ready to transition to hybrid, the organization must manage SaaS security risks from misconfigured accounts, weak passwords, and vulnerabilities.

How AppOmni Can Help:

  • Alert on suspicious activity
  • Manage security best practices with our pre-built functional policy library
  • Notify about configuration drift

Customer Use Case: AppOmni helped a large healthcare company ensure end-to-end security for the SaaS environment as its workforce transitioned to a hybrid work model.

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