Helping You Manage Security Posture and Risk For


Quickly gain detailed visibility and actionable information around your company’s Salesforce security posture and risk found in SaaS applications.

Properly securing Salesforce can be difficult.

AppOmni makes it easier.

Salesforce is an incredibly powerful system, and with great power comes great responsibility! Protecting Salesforce requires Security, Compliance, and IT teams have the proper awareness, tooling, and automation to manage security posture, risk, and data access across all of their Salesforce environments.

Tired of relying on manual and costly analysis of your Salesforce environment that does not properly capture how much change occurs day to day? Looking to make sure the configuration and security posture of your Salesforce environment aligns with your goals and regulatory standards? 



Incorrect Permissions and Configurations

Salesforce’s additive permissions and access system is able to support any sort of business logic, which leads to complexity. As your Salesforce environments live and grow, access control can become a tangled web.

Salesforce admins and Security teams alike need to be able to understand who has access to what, and why, with confidence!



Let Us do the Heavy Lifting

It’s not just “too much” access that you need to watch out for. Being overly restrictive with access control can also be problematic. For example, one of your changes suddenly removes read abilities rendering a team unable to do their jobs. 

These configuration changes can be just as impactful to a business as a data incident. With all the complexity of Salesforce, finding “just right” can be very time consuming and challenging. 



A 360° View

Salesforce environments are living systems. As your business grows, so does the complexity and amount of data in your Salesforce environment. You require continuous monitoring and assurances across this environment to ensure they are secured and in compliance.

Our Methodology


Cross-cloud Security Posture Management

Gain complete visibility across your critical SaaS environments like never before.


Data Access Exploration and Exposure Prevention

Find, fix, and prevent internal and external data access misconfigurations quickly with the power of best practice policy guardrails.


Powerful Monitoring and Detection Capabilities

Cut through the noise and receive actionable alerts.

Actively Securing The Applications that Power