Manage and Protect Salesforce Security Posture

AppOmni delivers advanced security for your Salesforce environment.


“AppOmni is uniquely positioned to provide businesses with the tools and visibility needed to securely manage the use and data access of SaaS environments. AppOmni helps ensure that clients can consistently maintain best-in-class SaaS security throughout their organizations.”

– Robert Keith, Managing Director, Salesforce Ventures

Salesforce is an incredibly powerful system, customized and relied upon by teams in nearly every department across organizations. Protecting Salesforce requires Security, Compliance, and IT teams have the proper awareness, tooling, and automation to manage security posture, risk, and data access across every Salesforce environment.

AppOmni’s industry-leading SaaS security experts have deep knowledge of and expertise in managing and protecting Salesforce. As your Salesforce environments live and grow, access control can become a tangled web. Salesforce admins and Security teams alike need to understand who has access to what, and why, with confidence.


Identify Incorrect Permissions And Configurations​

Salesforce’s additive permissions and access system are able to support any sort of business logic, which leads to complexity. Your Salesforce environments are likely changing every day, and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with configuration drift.

AppOmni delivers unparalleled visibility in minutes. Review more than 225 Salesforce configuration settings and more than 350 system permissions in one place to ensure accurate configuration and make changes with confidence.

Leverage Out-Of-The-Box Security Best Practices

It’s not just “too much” access that you need to watch out for: overly restrictive access control can also be problematic. Finding your “just right” can be extremely challenging and time-consuming. 

The powerful AppOmni modeling engine allows you to write permissions and access rules without having to understand or review each Profile or Permission Set. AppOmni helps make sure your Salesforce configurations never deviate from what you expect.


Get A Comprehensive View of Your Salesforce Environment

Salesforce environments are living systems. As your business grows, so does the complexity and amount of data in your Salesforce environment. How can you ensure every environment is secure and in compliance?

AppOmni delivers expert-built default policies and metrics. You can compare how data access has changed over time for specific users or roles. And prove compliance with regulatory standards: SOX, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and NIST.

Get A Free Risk Assessment

Find out who and what has access to your SaaS data and determine whether your security configurations match your business intent.