Secure Your ServiceNow Platform with AppOmni

Gain centralized visibility and manage your ServiceNow platform security posture.

“ServiceNow believes there’s a significant market opportunity for AppOmni, which offers an innovative approach to software security management. We are excited to invest in AppOmni and look forward to working with them to provide customers with the tools they need to keep their digital transformation journeys secure.”

– Philip Kirk, Head of ServiceNow Ventures

ServiceNow connects people, functions, and systems. Its powerful platform provides a wide array of capabilities and workflows to optimize your business. AppOmni helps ensure your ServiceNow platform is properly secured, regardless of the complexity.

With AppOmni, security, admin, and development teams can quickly apply security best practices to reduce risks and enhance security across their ServiceNow environments. 

Find Misconfiguration Risks

Like all powerful SaaS platforms, ServiceNow offers a multitude of settings that take time and expertise to properly configure and manage. And those settings change with every update, making it critically important to track configuration at all times.

AppOmni provides centralized risk visibility to better identify and correct configuration issues. Receive alerts when configuration drift is detected and take quick action.

Apply Security Best Practices

From custom applications to managing workflows, the customization options ServiceNow offers are limitless and complex.

Ensure proper guardrails are in place to reduce security risks during custom deployments by leveraging AppOmni’s ServiceNow security policies. 

Receive Alerts for Configuration Drift and Security Events

Workflow capabilities in ServiceNow allow IT teams to be more efficient in supporting company demands, but linking to existing processes can be complicated.

AppOmni streamlines response processes for your Security and IT teams by leveraging workflow patterns. Send high-fidelity detection alertsspecific to ServiceNow activitiesto existing workflows or security monitoring tooling.

Get A Free Risk Assessment

Find out who and what has access to your SaaS data and determine whether your security configurations match your business intent.