Secure Your Workday Platform with AppOmni

AppOmni enables companies to better secure their Workday environment, while decreasing the workloads of security and IT teams.

AppOmni provides Security and IT teams with centralized visibility, continuous monitoring, and expert guidance to effectively secure their Workday environment. 


AppOmni for Workday

Workday is the leader in the Human Capital Management (HCM) market and provides a single destination for most HR, finance, and supply chain solutions. Workday’s unmatched customization provides a powerful solution for company operations, but this flexibility can pose potential risks when security settings are overlooked or misconfigured.

Security Posture

Threat Detection &
Activity Monitoring

3rd Party App

DevSecOps &
CI/CD Integration

Continuous Controls


Governance, Risk &

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AppOmni for Workday Customer Benefits

Increase awareness with centralized visibility of Workday security posture using AppOmni Posture Explorer to see System Settings, Roles, Groups, and Users.

Use AppOmni Insights to identify potential security risks — Insights are defined by AppOmni SaaS security experts and designed to make Workday admins experts in Workday security.

Define Policy Rules to evaluate the security configuration and posture of a Workday instance. Implement Default Policies from the Policy Library to ensure security baselines are in place.

Continuously monitor to maintain security posture and hygiene, detect potential risks, and maintain regulatory standards. Receive normalized event logs and high-fidelity detection alerts in existing SIEM and collaboration tools.

AppOmni for Workday Use Cases

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AppOmni’s SaaS security platform gives security and IT teams an easy and automated way to secure their SaaS data and environments.