Jefferies Adopts AppOmni for SaaS Security

IT and Security Teams Benefit from Increased Visibility and Reduced Workload

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Jefferies is a financial services organization providing services in investment banking, equity and capital markets, asset management, and wealth management. Before implementing AppOmni, Jefferies would perform a manual security assessment on a yearly basis and that report would show their configuration and posture at the time. But with the emergence of more attacks and misconfigurations, particularly for SaaS platforms, the company decided to rethink their approach.

Jefferies now uses AppOmni to perform continuous security posture management for their Salesforce organization. It delivers increased security visibility, reduces the security workload, and allows for security integration into the DevOps pipeline. The security and IT teams now have a greater sense of confidence. The security team knows they have increased visibility and continuous posture assessment. And the IT teams know that they can confidently move from pre-production to production while meeting the same requirements.

The ease of AppOmni’s integration into Jefferies’s existing environments was important. The Jefferies team was backed up by AppOmni’s customer success team with a detailed 90-day plan to integrate process flows, alerts, and reports. With AppOmni, Jefferies has a true partner to help quickly assess, monitor, and secure SaaS platforms.

“It’s a big win for us to partner with a company like AppOmni that performs continuous posture assessment, highlights misconfigurations, and provides the confidence to the security team that they can go ahead and enable the business to perform at the highest level.”

– Mittul Mehta, Senior VP of Information Security, Jefferies

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