Scale Venture Partners Secures Salesforce, Slack, and Box with AppOmni

The Ability to Manage Security for Multiple SaaS Platforms and Gain Visibility Into Third-Party Apps Delivers Peace of Mind.

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Scale Venture Partners invests in early-stage software startups that are developing technology to change the way we work, collaborate, or live. Scale trusts its employees to be citizens of security but was facing a challenge: how could the company maintain best-in-class security across it’s SaaS ecosystem despite having very few IT and security resources? The company needed a lightweight SaaS security solution that would secure multiple platforms and provide a single management interface. They found AppOmni.

Scale uses AppOmni to perform continuous security posture management for multiple SaaS applications. Bob Genchi, Scale’s Vice President of Information Technology and Security, appreciates that AppOmni secures all data at the highest level of classification. He can modify his strategy as needed, but AppOmni provides a consistently high level of SaaS security without requiring significant time or effort from him or the team. It’s also lightweight enough that the firm’s SaaS users don’t even know it’s there.

The benefits of third-party app visibility and monitoring through AppOmni are important for both time savings and peace of mind. Genchi’s team can quickly and easily keep tabs on changes in the SaaS environments without needing to spend time on configuration management or manually review permissions. The Scale team was so impressed with AppOmni’s solution that they became an investor about a year later, leading AppOmni’s Series B round.

“AppOmni provides a real partnership around securing my cloud footprint. I hadn’t seen a tool do what they do with configuration management, and it’s a real differentiator. It’s a killer app for large enterprises and SMB companies. I’m looking forward to adding more apps to our AppOmni footprint because I love what the tool does.”

– Bob Genchi, Vice President of Information Technology and Security, Scale Venture Partners

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