How to Bake Security Into the Developer Workflow

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It’s time to make it easier for developers to own the security of their code.

Instead of finding and fixing vulnerabilities towards the end of the software development cycle, we need to make security seamless for developers from the start. This includes automating security scanning at the source code repository and integrating the security results seamlessly back into the source code repository. This will give developers immediate feedback without having to leave their environment. The “shift center” approach to DevOps works with security in mind at every stage and is fundamentally changing the way applications are developed.

Join this episode of the “On The Road to DevSecOps” series to learn why a developer-friendly approach to AppSec is needed and how to make it easier to write secure code. Our experts will discuss:

  • Why Shift Left should really be Shift Center
  • New approaches that seamlessly automate security testing into the development ecosystem
  • How to create a closed-loop from repo to ticketing strategy to reduce manual updates
  • Strategies for just in time developer security education to drive continuous improvement



  • Stephen Gates, Security Evangelist and Senior Solutions Specialist, Checkmarx (Host)
  • James Brotsos, Product Manager – Developer Experience, Checkmarx
  • Tim Bach, Vice President of Engineering, AppOmni
  • Cindy Blake, Sr Product Marketing Manager and Security Evangelist, GitLab


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