Data Security for the SaaS Age

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With data theft on the rise coupled with the work from home reality, enterprises are accelerating their use of SaaS. Yet, in many cases, they haven’t taken the time to ensure adequate protection of the sensitive data moving to the cloud. It’s important to have a systematic program to understand and address potential data security issues as you are moving to SaaS, and also once you are there.

Please join industry experts Mike Rothman, President of Securosis and Brendan O’Connor, CEO and Co-founder of AppOmni for a discussion on how SaaS is impacting your data security strategy and what you need to do to protect it. In this 30-min webinar, the experts will discuss:

  • How SaaS breaks traditional data security tactics
  • Assessing and enforcing access policies for SaaS applications
  • The importance of a SaaS security program

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