Securing the Cloud in 2020: Threats, Visibility & Privileged Access

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Cloud security remains a challenge for enterprises, especially in the new post-COVID-19 reality of 2020 and the shift to remote working. What are the new threats on the horizon and compliance considerations to keep in mind?

Join this interactive panel of cloud security experts and industry leaders to learn more about:

  • New and old cloud security threats to keep in mind
  • Why visibility is key for cloud security
  • Know your cloud: Who is accessing what and when? How was their identity verified?
  • Privileged identities and what’s needed for secure privileged access
  • Compliance challenges and considerations
  • Best practices for securing your data in the cloud



  • Diana Kelley, Cybersecurity Field CTO, Microsoft
  • Andy Givens, VP Solutions Engineers, North America, CyberArk
  • Manav Khanna, Senior Director of Product Management Identity & Access Management, Thales
  • Tim Bach, Vice President of Engineering, AppOmni

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