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How Log4j May Impact Your SaaS & 3rd-Party Apps – & What You Can Do

Log4j is a critical vulnerability in a widely-used software that can have far-reaching and costly impacts. One of AppOmni’s core values is to build trust with transparency, which includes offering information and perspective about security issues. Read on for our take on Log4j.

Three Ways Resellers Can Lead the Way in SaaS Security

Gartner projects a $20B increase in SaaS spend for 2021 and 2022. With that, security has never been more crucial. For resellers, there are huge opportunities to lead the way in secure, cloud-based digital transformation.

OWASP Top 10 Updated for 2021, with Broken Access Control Now #1

OWASP recently released the 2021 Top 10 web application security threats. It’s the first update since 2017 and two things jumped out at us…

AppOmni Named a 2021
SINET16 Innovator

Today is an exciting day for AppOmni. This morning SINET announced that AppOmni is one of the 2021 SINET16 Innovators. Winning awards always feels good, but for me, SINET16 is a special accomplishment – one that I’ve been aspiring to since I founded the company in 2018.

CRN Names AppOmni To Its 2021 Emerging Vendors List

CRN, a division of The Channel Company and one of the most recognized channel-focused publications, has named AppOmni to its 2021 Emerging Vendors list in the Security category.

Accenture Partners with AppOmni to Enhance Salesforce Security

Michelle Jones (CMO @ AppOmni) recently sat down with Rex Thexton and Andrew Triplett, both senior executives with Accenture’s Security Practice, to talk about the SaaS security trends.

Dark Reading Names AppOmni a 2021 Cybersecurity Vendor to Watch

The 11 companies that made the list are “noteworthy because of the news they made, the dollars they raised, the technologies they offer, or the executives behind them.”

AppOmni Selected as a 2021 CyberTech100 Company

This year, more than 1,000 companies applied for the CyberTech100. That means fewer than 10% of applicants were chosen by a panel of analysts and industry experts as the “best of the best” in securing financial organizations.

Scale Venture Partners Leads AppOmni’s $40M Series B Round

Today AppOmni announced our $40 million Series B round led by Scale Venture Partners. Among our investors, Scale is unique in that it began its relationship with AppOmni as a customer well before becoming an investor.

Salesforce Ventures Announces Investment in AppOmni

Both Salesforce and AppOmni are committed to continuous SaaS security across the entire spectrum from vendor, to enterprise, to end user. We’re also aligned on the need for next-gen SaaS security as enterprise customers increasingly adopt SaaS solutions.

How Secure are Your SaaS Applications?

Now that managing a distributed team is commonplace for most companies, there’s even more need for flexibility and reliance on cloud-driven technologies. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms like Microsoft365, Salesforce, and Zoom — which were designed with these principles in mind — have all benefited greatly from this new work climate.

No Free Rides with Your OAuth Tokens

Illicit consent grants have been seen across Microsoft O365 and Azure AD ecosystems. Note that if you’re a Microsoft shop, you can read more about their recommendations for detection and remediation here. More recently, Git analytics firm Waydev was the victim of one of these types of attacks.

SaaS Security Series: Understanding Salesforce Admin Permissions

As the amount of sensitive and business-critical information stored in or flowing through SaaS applications has grown, it has become increasingly important for security teams to recognize that managing the security posture of these applications requires new approaches and new technologies.

The Salesforce Modify All Issue as an AppOmni Customer

First, a quick primer on the AppOmni feature sets most responsive to this issue. In the AppOmni platform, customers configure their intended effective data access business logic to describe who can see and do what across their cloud/SaaS applications.

How SaaS is Changing Security Operations

By now most security organizations have heard of the Shared Responsibility Model in Cloud Computing. It delineates which responsibilities fall upon the cloud provider, and which remain with the customer. The Shared Responsibility Model can be divided into 3 categories: IaaS, Paas, and SaaS.

SaaS Security Series: Impact of Salesforce “Modify All” On Cloud Data Leaks

To answer the question of how the “Modify All” and “Modify All Data” (MAD) permissions impact cloud data leaks it’s important to understand exactly what “Modify All” does on a profile or permission set.

The Importance of Knowing What “Good” Looks Like When Recovering from Outages

As Salesforce restored configurations starting on Friday, May 17 and continuing through the week of Monday, May 20, Salesforce asked customers to validate the correctness of their restored account configurations and open support cases for any identified problems.

SaaS Security Series: Using Roles For Continuous SaaS Security Monitoring

Understanding the ins and outs of effective access, permissions, and sharing in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications can be challenging for even the most mature security and IT organizations.

Get A Free Risk Assessment

Misconfiguration is a leading cause of SaaS data breaches.

AppOmni’s research shows that 95% of companies have external users with over-privileged access to data, and more than 55% of companies have sensitive data that’s inadvertently exposed to the anonymous internet.

Our risk assessment delivers visibility into who and what has access to your SaaS data and will help determine whether your security configurations match your business intent.