Manage Security For Microsoft 365

AppOmni protects business-critical data and gives you visibility, risk mitigation, and compliance across the entire Microsoft 365 suite

AppOmni for Microsoft 365

The Microsoft 365 suite of applications store and process your business-critical data. Security risks and incidents in these applications can impact business continuity. Secure M365 with AppOmni’s in-depth security, policy management, monitoring, and actionable insights.

Manage Access and Prevent Drift

Streamline your M365 configurations, monitor permissions, and manage roles and identities management. Prevent PowerShell scripted changes from causing unintended configuration drift. Snapshot M365 settings to easily create security policies that reflect your organization’s needs.

Prevent Data Exposure

M365 lends itself to customization which can involve adjusting permissions and share settings. Broad permissions or “permission creep”, can expose sensitive data. Continuously monitor and control who has access to what data assets.

Monitor and Maintain Compliance

Achieve and maintain compliance with support for STIG high severity controls. Enforce policies that protect against spam, phishing, malware, and improper data sharing, ensuring that M365 settings are compliant with industry standards and regulations including SOX, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53 and more. 

Detect, Alert, and Respond

Detect and respond to security risks quickly by monitoring audit logs and exporting normalized logs to SOC tools. Get alerts for potential threats like unauthorized access or unusual data activity to keep your data safe.

Ensure Safe Third-Party Connections

Third-party apps connections expand the functionality of Microsoft 365 but also expand the attack surface. Gain a clear view of your SaaS app ecosystem and ensure that connections between M365 and other SaaS applications are monitored and managed to prevent unauthorized data access or transfers.

How We Do It

With AppOmni, security teams can gain deeper insights and control over their M365 environments, users, and data, without the need for extensive expertise or additional time investment.

“Connecting M365 tenant to AppOmni is seamless — and extremely useful to determine security gaps.”

Global Human Resources Consulting Firm

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