Identify threats in your SaaS environment and take action to prevent and mitigate attacks.

SaaS applications handle a vast amount of sensitive data and their complexity makes it difficult to detect malicious activity. AppOmni normalizes and analyzes SaaS telemetry data, from logs to activities, enabling your team to actively identify, investigate, and mitigate attacks and breaches.

How Threat Detection secures SaaS

Visibility into SaaS Activities and Events

Get comprehensive visibility into the activities and events occurring within SaaS applications. Identify potential security incidents, misconfigurations, unauthorized access attempts, and anomalous activities that could indicate a security threat.

Contextualize SaaS event data

Streamline collection and analysis of event logs from various SaaS applications. Enable security teams to focus more on strategic security tasks rather than dealing with complex data integration and normalization processes.

Faster response, containment & investigation

Detect and investigate unusual user behavior, unauthorized access attempts or data exfiltration with clear triage guidance and insights. Enable app owners to take appropriate remedial actions without needing extensive security expertise.

Key Features

Tailor defenses for unmatched protection.

Expertise to make it easy to remediate security problems.

Normalization of SaaS logs & events

Reduce complexity of SaaS to identify threat and anomalous activity. 


Streamline workflows and alerts to enhance efficiency.

Introducing the SaaS Event Maturity Matrix (EMM)

A Threat Detection framework for assessing SaaS audit logging and a resource for the cybersecurity community, developed by AppOmni.

Critical applications secured

Protect data essential to your business

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Google Workspace

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