SaaS Security for Legal Services

Ensure confidentiality of client data and compliance with visibility and control of your SaaS applications.

Client confidentiality and business trust can be jeopardized due to SaaS data exposure, configuration drift and risk from connected third-party risks. With AppOmni IT and security teams at law firms gain visibility into SaaS configurations, permissions, connections, and policies to prevent data exposure, keep client’s data safe, and ensure compliance. 

Out-of-box Compliance Frameworks

Drift Detection

Real-Time Snapshots

Triage and Remediation Guidance

Prevent data exposure

Continuously monitor your SaaS applications such as iManage which contain privileged client information. Configure least privilege access with fine-grained permissions control to ensure protection and privacy of your client’s data.

Reduce SaaS attack surface

Detect threats to your SaaS data including anomalous user behavior, password guessing, mass data downloads. Gain insights into risks due to third-party applications that connect to your managed SaaS applications. Proactively fix risks before they are exploited.

Enhance compliance efficiency

Achieve compliance with simple baseline policy templates for SaaS applications. Cut down the time and resources needed for compliance checks and fixes with step-by-step guided remediation. Generate reports in just a few clicks.

“Great SaaS security tool. Best SaaS security management for continuous monitoring providing great visibility, data protection and support.”

—Security Engineer, Services Industry

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