Automate and streamline SaaS exposure.

The shift to SaaS applications means that sensitive data is stored and processed across SaaS platforms, increasing the potential for data exposure. AppOmni automates and consolidates monitoring and management of SaaS, ensuring robust protection of critical data in your applications.

How AppOmni secures SaaS data exposure

Reduce your attack surface

Identify and prioritize remediation of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations that can lead to data exposure.

Assess exposure controls

Define and monitor specific data access and permissions to investigate exposure risks.

Accelerate remediation

Gain context and insight into potential exposures and fix them with guided remediation.

Key Features

Expert insights

Context and recommendations to navigate the complexities of SaaS security.

Prioritize and manage high volumes of production-critical findings efficiently.

Expertise to make it easy to remediate security problems.

Drift detection

Ensure configurations and permissions are continuously monitored.

Handling SaaS Data Exposure Risks Due to Potential ServiceNow Misconfigurations

See the impact of customer-side SaaS app misconfigurations, like those recently reported on ServiceNow, and how a robust SSPM solution can mitigate possible risk.

Critical applications secured

Protect data essential to your business

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