Optimize ServiceNow Security Posture

AppOmni streamlines ServiceNow security, monitoring, and issue remediation

AppOmni for ServiceNow

ServiceNow hosts highly sensitive data including configuration management database (CMDB) records, IT asset information, personnel, and financial data. ServiceNow’s extensive use cases also introduce risks due to complex configurations and distributed ownership. Protect ServiceNow with AppOmni’s in-depth posture management, monitoring, threat detection, and remediation.

Manage Access and Prevent Drift

Configure strong access control policies, regular security audits, and comprehensive data governance policies for ServiceNow. Track and manage any drift from your established security policies, ensuring that your ServiceNow environment remains secure.

Prevent Data Exposure

Enforce least privilege access and manage ServiceNow Customer Portals, Workflows, Business Rules and Clients Scripts, and ACLs. Reduce the risk of sensitive data exposure with comprehensive data governance policies and fine-grained access control.

Monitor and Maintain Compliance

Automate compliance monitoring with scheduled reports, ensuring your ServiceNow instance aligns with compliance standards including SOX, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53 and more. Minimize manual effort and swiftly address compliance requirements with pre-configured policy baselines.

Detect, Alert, and Respond

Detect and respond to security risks quickly by monitoring audit logs and usage. Export normalized logs for further analysis in SOC tools. Get alerts for potential threats like unauthorized access or unusual data activity to keep your data safe.

Ensure Safe Third-Party Connections

Gain a clear visualization of your ServiceNow connected app ecosystem of third-party apps. This bird’s eye view allows you to understand which apps connected, whether they are authorized and assess the security risks. Set policies to manage the security between ServiceNow and other apps it interacts with.

How We Do It

AppOmni minimizes ServiceNow security risks by providing Security teams and ServiceNow Administrators with the capabilities to effectively manage security across all ServiceNow environments.

“ServiceNow believes there’s a significant market opportunity for AppOmni, which offers an innovative approach to software security management. We are excited to invest in AppOmni and look forward to working with them to provide customers with the tools they need to keep their digital transformation journeys secure.”

Philip Kirk
Head of ServiceNow Ventures

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