Protect Your Salesforce Ecosystem

AppOmni delivers unparalleled visibility, control, and compliance across all your Salesforce organizations.

SaaS Security for Salesforce

The Salesforce CRM platform stores and processes sensitive information, including customer data, sales records, personal, and financial details. Protect your Salesforce data with AppOmni’s visibility, posture management, security intelligence, and deep integration with Salesforce.

Manage Access and Prevent Drift

Configure continuous monitoring, strong access control policies, and comprehensive data governance for Salesforce. Manage configuration changes to avoid inadvertent vulnerabilities, ensuring the security and integrity of policies and operations. Be alerted to any permission changes that stray from your organization’s data security policy.

Prevent Data Exposure

Understand and control who has access to sensitive data within Salesforce. Configure the right RBAC and least privilege access controls to Salesforce Community Sites, Customer, and Partner Portals to prevent data exposure. Improve identity governance and gain visibility to unintended data exposures.

Monitor and Maintain Compliance

Use baseline templates to configure policies to meet specific compliance requirements. Continuously monitor your Salesforce environments to ensure they adhere to key compliance standards including SOX, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53 and more.

Detect, Alert, and Respond

Detect and respond to unusual activities in Salesforce, such as suspicious logins and unexpected large data downloads. Normalize and export audit logs to SOC tools for forensic analysis and configure detection rules to promptly alert you to potential security incidents.

Ensure Safe Third-Party Connections

Get a detailed “radar view” of your Salesforce app network – the third-party connections into Salesforce ecosystem. Evaluate third-party applications for their security and data handling practices before integrating them into your system. Ensure that each connection to third-party SaaS applications is authorized and secure to prevent data exposure.

How We Do It

Comprehensive SaaS ecosystem visibility, closes gaps in third-party app risk management and incident response, reducing your attack surface as a standalone SaaS security platform and enhancing Salesforce Security Center and Shield.

“AppOmni is uniquely positioned to provide businesses with the tools and visibility needed to securely manage the use and data access of SaaS environments. AppOmni helps ensure that clients can consistently maintain best-in-class SaaS security throughout their organizations.”

Robert Keith
Managing Director, Salesforce Ventures

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