Elevate Your Google Workspace Security with AppOmni

Stay ahead of threats with continuous monitoring and prioritized alerts

AppOmni for Google Workspace

Google Workspace contains vast amounts of business data, employee information, and sensitive content that, if compromised, could result in significant financial and reputational damage. AppOmni offers advanced scanning to identify misconfigurations, ongoing surveillance against unauthorized activities, integrated alerts for prompt remediation, and extensive insights into the Google Workspace ecosystem.

Manage Access and Prevent Drift

Maintain the correct MFA configurations and user permissions over time. Track drift from your intended configurations and permissions and receive alerts for unintended changes. Keep your Google Workspace environment secure as your organization scales.

Prevent Data Exposure

Gain insights into who has access to what data within your Google Workspace environment. Analyze permissions and ensure that only the right roles and identities have access to sensitive information.

Monitor and Maintain Compliance

AppOmni includes expert-built default policies and metrics for Google Workspace. You can review how permissions have changed over time for specific users or roles, and prove compliance with regulatory standards, including SOX, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and NIST.

Detect, Alert, and Respond

Identify anomalous behavior that may signal security risks by analyzing audit records and usage trends. Receive notifications about possible threats such as unauthorized access efforts or questionable data transfers enabling swift action to safeguard your information.

Ensure Safe Third-Party Connections

Ensure only authorized third-party apps can access Google Workspace. Monitor data shared with connected SaaS applications continuously. Remove blindspots from unauthorized connections, unintended data leaks and privilege escalations.

How We Do It

AppOmni enhances Google’s security by providing deeper security oversight and controls, offering visibility into data access, aiding compliance, detecting threats, and delivering remediation steps.

This new initiative brings AppOmni’s comprehensive SaaS security solutions to any organisation—private or public—required to comply with Australia’s data sovereignty regulations, including the Privacy Act and the Australian Privacy Principles.

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