Security For
Connected Apps

Real-time visibility and insights into risks introduced by connected third- and fourth-party applications.

SaaS environments are more interconnected than ever, exposing risk from connected applications. AppOmni identifies and discovers 3rd and 4th party impacts enhancing visibility of non-human identities and SaaS risks.

How AppOmni secures third- and fourth-party app risks

Increased visibility

Visualize and monitor connected 3rd and 4th party applications from non-human identities.

Identifies Unsanctioned Applications

Proactively alert and prioritize unsanctioned non-human identities securing the SaaS ecosystem.

Discovers Exposure and Impacts

Quickly identify the blast impact of 3rd and 4th party breaches and misconfigurations.

Key Features

Connectivity Visualization

See which applications are connected and approved.

Prioritize and manage high volumes of production-critical findings efficiently.

Uncover accesses and secure unsanctioned applications.

Real-time Policy Snapshots

Clarity of the policies across your multi-app environment.

How SaaS-to-SaaS Apps Can Compromise the Security of SaaS Environments

Critical applications secured

Protect data essential to your business

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Google Workspace

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