Posture Management

Use comprehensive SaaS security insights for risk-based posture prioritization.

 SaaS security teams often lack visibility to understand how configurations impact risks in SaaS environments. AppOmni ensures continuous monitoring, combined with visibility and prioritization of SaaS risk to provide an accurate picture of the SaaS security posture.

Uncover risks with continuous SaaS monitoring

Empower your cybersecurity teams with comprehensive insights into misconfigurations and SaaS security policies to mitigate exposures across your SaaS environment.

Prioritize SaaS Risks

Prioritize and manage the resolution of critical findings and their resolution efficiently with custom rulesets, policies, and alerting.

Reduce SaaS attack surface

Shorten remediation time by leveraging enriched context, guidance, and workflows to mitigate your attack surface exposure. Automate actions to enforce security policies via SIEM, SOAR, ITSM or other integrations for your security teams to improve your SaaS risk posture.

Drift detection

Expert insights

Custom policies, alerting & compliance

Triage and remediation guidance

A Guide to SaaS Security Posture Management

We examine the unique security challenges associated with SaaS as well as the limitations of both traditional security approaches and native solutions from SaaS providers.

See AppOmni in Action

Gain unique insights and remediation suggestions on vulnerabilities, to understand SaaS events and anomalies, and manage third-party SaaS-to-SaaS connections.