SaaS Security for the Technology Sector

In-depth visibility to prevent SaaS exposures and reduce attack surface.

Technology companies rely on a number of SaaS applications to serve their customers. With vast amounts of sensitive data and intellectual property, improper SaaS configurations can pose significant risks, with potential business disruptions. AppOmni reduces these risks by offering deep visibility and SaaS security insights, minimizing the attack surface, and safeguarding data.

Custom Alerting and Rulesets

Drift Detection

UEBA & Security Analytics

Triage and Remediation Guidance

Identify SaaS exposures

Monitor SaaS security posture continuously and set up least privilege access controls. Proactively fix misconfigurations and manage configuration drift to prevent exposure of your intellectual property and client data.

Reduce SaaS attack surface

Leverage enriched context from configurations, user behavior, and events to gain insights gain insights and quickly remediate risks before they are exploited. Identify and fix risks introduced by unsanctioned connected applications.

Gain in-depth visibility into

SaaS risks

Prioritize critical findings and manage SaaS risks efficiently. Understand “who has access to what” in your applications and detect threats by analyzing anomalous user behavior and exporting normalized SaaS logs to SIEM and SOAR tools.

“Comprehensive SaaS Security”

—Strategic Account Director, Technology and IT Services Firm

“AppOmni as a platform provides comprehensive security regarding SaaS deployments. The ability to identify severe misconfigurations as part of a continuous model is a lot more effective and simpler to do versus one-off, point-in-time assessments. Being able to ingest this data into a SIEM and use it as part of a Threat Detection program is also a great capability that delivers benefits to end-users that they would otherwise struggle to realize.”

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