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Building Trust and Reducing Complexity

Our team builds world-class security automation that is easy to use, impactful to our customers, and meaningfully improves the security of their SaaS applications. At the core of this process are a few values that drive our efforts.

Build Trust With Transparency

We believe in being a trusted and transparent partner to our customers. We’re committed to delivering high-quality, useable, and dependable software. Our platform is designed and built by engineers with deep experience in and understanding of the needs and goals of security, compliance, and IT teams. We focus on delivering clear, reliable, and actionable insights to our users without any FUD.

Design and Build For Quality

We believe in cultivating excellence – both within ourselves and in the work that we do. Our team of customer-centric, data-driven experts are brought together by the shared passion to create tools for the greater good. We are determined to make a difference, to positively impact our way of life by securing the technology that is changing the world.

Focus on the Human Side of Technology

We value our people, and know that wellness and a healthy work/life balance enables them to thrive and bring us their best. Autonomous schedules, flexible commutes, and freedom from punching a clock means our team is empowered to enjoy life, work when inspired, and available when needed.

Our Investors

Get A Free Risk Assessment

Misconfiguration is a leading cause of SaaS data breaches.

AppOmni’s research shows that 95% of companies have external users with over-privileged access to data, and more than 55% of companies have sensitive data that’s inadvertently exposed to the anonymous internet.

Our risk assessment delivers visibility into who and what has access to your SaaS data and will help determine whether your security configurations match your business intent.