Make SaaS compliance easy. Simplify, secure, and sustain standards.

SaaS applications rely on external integrations, access policies, and configurations which if set up incorrectly, can violate security and privacy laws. From HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley to SOC II, AppOmni ensures your SaaS applications align and comply with regulatory standards.

How compliance secures SaaS


Reduce tedious app by app validation of SaaS compliance checks. Use real-time insights and alerts to prevent potential violations and enhance overall security posture.

Detect SaaS Shadow IT

Detect unauthorized applications connected to your managed SaaS applications and gain insights into risks and incorrect user permissions.

Identify, Prioritize & Remediate Misconfigurations

Utilize policy baselines or custom frameworks to alert on non-compliance. Ensure compliance using guided remediation steps.

Key Features

Out-of-of the box compliance frameworks

Leverage default or tailored policies for ongoing compliance with regulations including SOX, ISO 27001, NIST 800-53 and more.

Ensure configurations and permissions are continuously monitored.

Tailor defenses for unmatched protection.

Triage guidance

Expertise to make it easy to remediate security problems.

Breaking Down APRA CPS 230 Critical SaaS Operations Compliance

The new prudential standard goes into effect July 1, 2025. Australia-based organisations should start compliance preparations immediately to meet the looming deadline.

Critical applications secured

Protect data essential to your business

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Google Workspace

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