AppOmni SaaS Security Platform 

Achieve Secure Productivity With Your SaaS Applications

AppOmni delivers continuous SaaS security posture management, threat detection, and vital security insights into your SaaS applications. 

Deploy AppOmni to surface data exposures, detect threats and anomalies, discover unsanctioned third- and fourth-party SaaS connections, manage identities and privileges, and spot configuration drift. 

AppOmni Platform Architecture

How AppOmni Works

AppOmni’s agentless architecture delivers continuous SaaS security monitoring with timely insights and remediation guidelines to help you prevent data breaches. The platform provides a central control point for all managed SaaS applications in your organization.

AppOmni Platform Components

Policy Management

AppOmni gives you intuitive tools to manage policies

Reference Policy Library gives baseline policy templates for use across your SaaS applications.

Provides customized risk levels based on your needs — e.g. SOC2 Type 1 or NIST CSF compliance framework.

Policy issues dashboard gives consolidated view of all policy violations that need immediate attention.

Threat Detection

Stay ahead of SaaS threats and malicious activities with AppOmni’s continuous monitoring and threat detection

Detects suspicious activities such as password spraying attempts, mass downloads, and modified sign-in policies.

Normalizes disparate SaaS event logs from multiple applications into a unified schema for analysis.

Integrates seamlessly with SIEM, SOAR, and UEBA to operationalize SaaS activity monitoring.

AppOmni Insights

AppOmni insights prioritizes security issues to address quickly

Correlates configurations, SaaS events, behavior, and policy violations to identify toxic combinations that lead to security gaps.

Provides a continuously updated library of security risks based threat research and recent breach incidents.

Delivers step-by-step remediation guidelines.

Identity Fabric

AppOmni Identity Fabric manages your SaaS attack surface through consistent identity security governance

Analyzes and reports on excessive privileges and roles or over-permissioning.

Enables role-based access control (RBAC) based on least privilege and Zero Trust principles. 

Models “who can access what” for security and identity governance teams.

SaaS-to-SaaS Management

AppOmni secures connected applications which can expand your SaaS attack surface

Removes blindspots by graphically mapping third- and fourth-party apps connected to your SaaS environment.

Calls out unauthorized connected apps that need attention.

Secures human and non-human identities that have access to your SaaS environment.

Developer Platform

Go beyond AppOmni’s vast library of supported apps to extend support for any SaaS application including custom in-house apps

Expands authentication, UI, and APIs to create custom monitored services, ingests posture data to bring new apps under security management.

Delivers automatic support for policies, compliance mappings, and reports.

AppOmni Customer Benefits

Gain Visibility

Gain Visibility Into Your
SaaS Risks In Minutes
  • Surface data exposures

  • Detect misconfigurations and drift across all apps from a single console

  • Call out risky SaaS to SaaS connections

Detect Threats

Detect Threats and
Suspicious Activities
  • Analyze anomalies and suspicious user behavior

  • Reduce time spent on security data engineering with normalized logs

  • Integrate seamlessly for analysis in SIEM and SOAR

Simplify Compliance

Simplify With One-Click Compliance and Reporting
  • Get easy one-click access to reports in any format

  • Identify compliance violations across apps  

  • Show 30-60-90 day trends

See AppOmni in Action

Gain unique insights and remediation suggestions on vulnerabilities, to understand SaaS events and anomalies, and manage third-party SaaS-to-SaaS connections.

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