Ping Identity adds some security of its own

About Ping Identity

  • A cybersecurity consulting and managed services provider
  • Focused on providing data protection services for Fortune 1000 companies
  • Builds bespoke cybersecurity solutions


Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Use Cases

  • Data Protection
  • SaaS Security
  • Posture Management
  • Data Security
  • SaaS-to-SaaS Cyber Risk

The Challenge

If you are in the security software business, it’s vital that your own systems are safe and secure. Ping Identity—relied on by more than half of the Fortune 100, to prevent data breaches and increase partner and employee productivity— has experienced rapid growth. In 2019, the company’s IPO was approaching, accelerating the need to get ahead of any potential security risks from its own SaaS applications, specifically Salesforce.

Traditional Solutions Didn’t Measure Up
The Ping Identity team considered several traditional cloud security offerings to meet their goal, but the solutions lacked detailed insights into the SaaS applications Ping required. The in-line nature of these solutions also meant extensive resources were needed to deploy them, accompanied by lengthy periods of downtime. More critically, the solutions Ping had been evaluating were purely reactive, only alerting the IT team when potential data loss or theft was in progress. The Ping team wanted proactive alerts to vulnerabilities before they escalated into a data loss incident.

“By partnering with AppOmni, we were able to gain the necessary insight into various users and their roles in our Salesforce instance to instill the level of security needed. AppOmni has also helped our SaaS and IT administrators collaborate and streamline our overall security process.” ​

Arthur Loris
Manager of Product Security, Ping Identity

AppOmni’s Impact

Full visibility into internal and external user data access within Salesforce

Proactive alerts when access settings are incorrect or violate policies

A multi-stage strategy for validating Salesforce data access and security posture

SaaS Security After AppOmni

A New Approach to SaaS Security
The security experts at Ping were drawn to AppOmni’s preventive and holistic approach to securing SaaS. Because AppOmni runs parallel to the SaaS cloud through API integrations, AppOmni uses a non-blocking approach to monitor which users have access to what data. Ping’s IT team can receive alerts early enough to catch policy violations before they turn into breaches through an in-depth understanding of risky SaaS configurations.

Visibility in an Hour
After an implementation session with Ping’s security team, AppOmni performed a risk assessment that provided visibility into Ping Identity’s data security and posture. Within an hour, the AppOmni team delivered an in-depth analysis of Ping’s Salesforce instance—including the portal community—along with the recommended steps to further enhance the security of the SaaS environment.

Expert Insights
The AppOmni team has an unparalleled level of expertise when it comes to security configuration settings in Salesforce and other SaaS applications. By leveraging the baseline configuration policies that AppOmni created, Ping Identity reached an automated and continuously monitored security state within months, transitioning from configuring policies to monitoring and remediation.

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