SaaS Risk Assessment

Understand and assess SaaS Risk with a robust SSPM

SaaS security is evolving quickly, making the identification of effective approaches to secure SaaS challenging. Traditional security measures do not surface many risks. A holistic strategy, encompassing vendor evaluation, strong data governance, and continuous security awareness, is essential to balance SaaS benefits against potential security risks.

Gain visibility with continuous and accurate SaaS discovery

Empower your cybersecurity teams with comprehensive automated misconfiguration and third-party connection capabilities to find exposures across your SaaS environment.

Prioritize SaaS risks

Prioritize and manage high volumes of production-critical findings efficiently with clearly defined SaaS misconfigurations, enforce RBAC and SaaS identity access.

Reduce attack surface exposures

Shorten remediation time by leveraging enriched context, guidance, and workflows to mitigate your attack surface exposures. Automate actions to enforce security policies via SIEM, SOAR, ITSM or other integrations for your security teams to improve your risk posture.

Third-party application connections

Out-of-the-box compliance frameworks


Triage and remediation guidance

2024 SaaS Security Forecast

Data breaches of PII, credit data, and military systems were among the most devastating in 2023 — evidence that no SaaS applications are immune from compromise. We asked 5 cybersecurity thought leaders to share their 2024 predictions and see what this year holds.

See AppOmni in Action

Gain unique insights and remediation suggestions on vulnerabilities, to understand SaaS events and anomalies, and manage third-party SaaS-to-SaaS connections.