Do you know how much data your SaaS applications leave exposed?
We do.
Stop Cloud API Data Leaks with AppOmni

Security Scanning Built for the Cloud

Today, companies have their most confidential and mission critical data in the cloud. But when it comes to Software as a Service, security teams often lack basic visibility. Do you know what data your organization has in the cloud? Do you know who has access to it? The answer will probably surprise you.

Since 2018, AppOmni has found:

  • drivers licenses
  • passports
  • medical records
  • patient prescriptions
  • financial transactions
  • invoices
  • social security numbers
  • encryption keys
  • passwords
  • emails
  • contracts
  • legal communications
  • revenue forecasts
  • customer lists
  • HR records
  • sales quotes

There is a lot going on inside of the cloud

Securty settings and configuration are complex

SaaS applications are flexible, powerful, and highly customizable. They are also complex.

Each SaaS application has hundreds of settings, thousands of API calls, and a data access model that is completely custom — that’s a lot to manage! It’s no surprise that most organizations struggle to properly secure their data. Thousands of organizations big and small are exposing highly sensitive data to the world … and they don’t even know it.

AppOmni has you Covered!


AppOmni empowers your team to Scan, Secure, and Monitor SaaS applications like an expert... Without needing to become one.

A firewall for your data

Define security rules for data access and keep your data from being exposed to third-parties or the public Internet.

Consistent Access Control

Apply role-based access control (RBAC) policies consistently across clouds, business units, environments, and applications.

24x7 Monitoring

With continuous monitoring you get real time alerts for data exposures, policy violations, and unauthorized access attempts.


Spreadsheets? Manual access reviews? Days spent collecting evidence? No Thanks.

Compliance Reporting

Demonstrate ongoing controls assurance across your SaaS applications. Perform access reviews and export compliance reports in minutes.

Data Inventory

Classify your data according to type, business need, and compliance requirements.

Controls Mapping

See how your SaaS applications measure up against industry standards like ISO 27001, PCI, and NIST.


SaaS applications are mission critical for most organizations. IT teams need tools to help them increase velocity, reduce support costs, and prevent manual errors.

Configuration Management

Snapshot configurations, security policies, and access profiles. Create default templates and known baselines for users, environments, and applications.

Functional Testing

Make automated testing part of your IT process so you can apply upgrades and deploy new applications with confidence. Define expected behavior and functionality. Know when something stops working before your users do.

Change Management

Ensure your SaaS applications are part of your change management process. Review and approve changes before they are promoted to production.

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