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Why Do Businesses Need SaaS Security?

All organizations using SaaS need the right processes and tools in place to secure the data housed in their SaaS applications, and to keep it secure over time.
SaaS applications now house massive amounts of sensitive data and run critical business processes. As the footprint and complexity of an organization’s SaaS environment grows, the exposure to risk increases.
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Why Choose AppOmni?

Enterprise Level Security Across All SaaS Apps

Most businesses use dozens, if not hundreds, of SaaS applications. As SaaS applications have matured, the complexity and variance in settings presents challenges in ensuring proper configurations, which can lead to security gaps and data exposure.

AppOmni offers security expertise, insights, and continuous monitoring for a broad range of SaaS applications. Our Developer Platform extends our in-depth coverage to any SaaS app, including all SaaS vendors and custom SaaS apps built in-house.

Unprecedented Visibility

It’s surprisingly difficult for most security teams to see who—and what—has access to their SaaS data. AppOmni makes it easy for IT and security teams to see data access and ensure that configurations match business intent. Customers use AppOmni to manage:
  • Internal employee provisioning
  • Security configurations and permission sets
  • Connected 3rd party applications
  • Guest user access and IoT devices

Actionable Insights

Security teams can’t keep up with every update and nuance across their SaaS ecosystem. AppOmni does that for you. We tell you exactly what you need to focus on and the actions you need to take to keep your SaaS data secure, while eliminating excess noise. 

Increased Automation

From vendor updates to onboarding and offboarding users to newly connected 3rd party apps, SaaS environments are constantly changing. AppOmni gives security teams an easy and automated way to continuously monitor their SaaS applications to maintain security and reduce risk.

The AppOmni Developer Platform

Enabling universal security for all SaaS applications

Enterprise Level SaaS Security

Configuration & Posture Management

3rd Party App Management

Continuous Monitoring & Threat Detection



Governance & Risk Compliance

EMAAR Customer Story

EMAAR Group Leverages AppOmni to Improve SaaS Security Visibility

“AppOmni is a great tool for security posture management and ensures that our customer data is secure because we know what's happening in our applications from a configuration and posture perspective. And having that visibility is critical today.”

– Binoo Joseph, Chief Information & Technology Officer, EMAAR Group

Testimonial 1

AppOmni has the Highest Customer Retention Rate in the Industry

“When we first engaged with you, you said 'We want to be your favorite security vendor.' Now that I'm one year in, I can honestly say you're not just our favorite security vendor, but our favorite vendor PERIOD."

– Security leader, technology company

Jefferies Customer Story

Jefferies Adopts AppOmni for SaaS Security

"It’s a big win for us to partner with a company like AppOmni that performs continuous posture assessment, highlights misconfigurations, and provides the confidence to the security team that they can go ahead and enable the business to perform at the highest level.”

– Mittul Mehta, Senior VP of Information Security, Jefferies

Testimonial 2
Why Customers Love AppOmni

“The proof that AppOmni works is in the dashboard. We had a spike when we connected M365, then subsequent remediation. We've closed 300-400 critical issues over the past couple weeks that we had no idea existed before.”

– Product Security team, insurance company

“Our CMO inadvertently shared a Box link publicly on a Friday night. I got an AppOmni alert and was able to fix the issue quickly. I would have never known that this happened without AppOmni.”

– Security leader, financial services company


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