SaaS Security Management for Business-Critical Platforms

AppOmni provides deep visibility into the security of your entire stack of SaaS applications and platforms.

High-profile SaaS application data breaches are on the rise and organizations are responsible for the security of their data and must implement appropriate security for their SaaS environments. Yet traditional security solutions lack visibility into the complex, unique characteristics of different SaaS applications.

The AppOmni SaaS Security Management platform enables companies to better secure their SaaS data, while decreasing the workloads of security and IT teams.

  • Delivers centralized visibility
  • Provides unmatched data access management
  • Offers security controls that integrate seamlessly into any SaaS environment 

Supported SaaS Platforms and Applications


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Identify risks that jeopardize the security posture of enterprise SaaS apps.

  • Determine who has access to what data, and why within and outside of your company 
  • Identify application misconfigurations and policy violations
  • Manage third-party applications and OAuth grants
  • Uncover the use of sensitive configurations and administrative actions 

Apply SaaS security best practices to ensure data is safe from unauthorized access and compromise.

  • Develop comprehensive policies, workflows,  and guardrails to prevent data exposure
  • Manage critical security settings, detect changes, and offer suggestions for remediation
  • Apply application security best practices during pre-production
  • Receive alerts for suspicious activity and when security and compliance are compromised



Maintain SaaS security compliance over time and receive activity alerts through existing tooling.

  • Access a current-state view of your SaaS environment at any time
  • Maintain visibility with continuous monitoring of SaaS security configurations
  • Integrate with 250+ solutions, including SIEM, collaboration, and ticketing tools
  • Generate detailed reports to help meet compliance standards 

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