Key Capabilities for SaaS Security

AppOmni delivers the components needed for a successful SaaS security program. Read about the key components of SaaS security below, or get the SaaS security checklist.

As more SaaS platforms have been adopted into the enterprise, SaaS ecosystems have grown complex. That means maintaining appropriate SaaS security is becoming more challenging. A robust SaaS security program covers a business’s entire SaaS footprint and provides security teams with greater visibility into threats.

Many organizations don’t extend their SaaS security program beyond configuration management, but that puts SaaS data at risk. While configuration and posture management are essential for SaaS security, they are just some of the many capabilities necessary for a comprehensive SaaS security program.

Configuration Management

Enterprise SaaS applications include complex configuration settings with no universal standards, a frequent source of security gaps and risk. Now you can understand how business-critical SaaS applications are being used across your organization with AppOmni’s broad security scope and data access management. Your Security team can access remediation advice directly in AppOmni, providing them guidance for misconfigurations, incorrect permissions, and exposures — wherever they may surface. Your team can tackle the highest risk issues first as AppOmni delivers remediation guidance by level of criticality.

Threat Detection & Activity Monitoring

Periodic audits and pentests alone can’t maintain the security of your SaaS ecosystem. Get visibility into your complete activity and event stream for SaaS with AppOmni’s threat detection capabilities. Our solution continuously monitors SaaS policy settings and permissions, automatically delivering alerts when suspicious activity is detected. Your team will find relief from the impossible manual work of collecting, normalizing, and enriching data to provide alerts on events of interest. Plus, you can integrate normalized data logs into your SIEM, SOAR, and security data lakes.

3rd Party App Management

Gaining visibility into everything connected to your SaaS ecosystem is crucial as 3rd party apps are frequent culprits for significant data exposures and leakage. Our research shows that 3rd party risk is more prevalent than most CISOs realize:

  • Businesses have an average of 42 connected apps
  • Over half of these apps haven’t been used in over 6 months — but they still retain access to sensitive SaaS data
  • Nearly half were installed by end-users

AppOmni enables you to inventory all 3rd party apps, determine which end-users are using them, and understand the level of data access each app has been granted.

Data Exposure Prevention

Exposed data like shared credentials can invite unauthorized access to SaaS applications. Identify critical data leakage gaps and publicly exposed data records in SaaS environments with AppOmni. Your team can implement SaaS security best practices automatically to reduce accidental exposure of data.

Continuous Controls Monitoring

Correctly configuring SaaS security controls requires incredible effort and ongoing monitoring given the complexity across SaaS apps. And threat actors know this. AppOmni continuously monitors and audits the controls of SaaS applications for misconfigurations and sends alerts if configuration drift is detected. Our solution scans once per hour and provides remediation guidance.

Automated Workflow

Network Security teams can cut down on the tedious, manual work related to possible security threats with automated workflows. By tapping into AppOmni’s automated workflows, your Security engineers can rely on our technology to establish and enforce consistent data access policies across all SaaS applications. With fewer requests and false positives to investigate, your team can focus on other possible areas of exposure.

DevSecOps & CI/CD Integration

Shifting left in your development cycle without delaying work is possible by operationalizing AppOmni in your CI/CD pipeline. You’ll reduce manual code reviews and accelerate release timelines by ensuring consistent security practices across your environments as your developers deploy code. Our platform delivers automation, continuous monitoring, and consistent communication between teams.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Achieving and maintaining compliance with SaaS-related regulatory requirements isn’t optional. Use AppOmni’s compliance policies, frameworks, and due diligence to establish a SaaS governance or assurance plan that implements security measures to reduce the noncompliance risk of your SaaS applications. Our compliance dashboard provides real-time visibility into the level of compliance and noncompliance in your SaaS applications and associated policies.

AppOmni was founded by experienced security leaders from Salesforce and ServiceNow who saw a gap in the security of SaaS platforms that wasn’t completely addressed by existing security solutions. AppOmni now protects more than 76 million users on SaaS platforms and has secured more than 230 million exposed data records. If you have questions about any of the topics covered, or the SaaS security challenges unique to your organization, we’re happy to help.

SaaS Security Checklist

Our SaaS Security Checklist is a helpful guide as you build or improve your SaaS security program and processes.