What is SaaS Security Management?​

SaaS Security Management is an effective solution to the challenges of securing SaaS environments.


SaaS applications are dynamic by design, which can introduce security risks that aren’t addressed by traditional security solutions. Traditional security solutions and SaaS Security Management are compared below.

Traditional Security vs SaaS Security Management

Limitations of Existing Solutions

Network security focuses on securing the perimeter and protecting internal resources from external threats. CASBs, one of the most common SaaS security recommendations, were designed to expand that perimeter and broker access to the cloud.

But SaaS apps have grown into complex platforms with an unlimited number of access points outside the network, beyond the perimeter. Access may be requested by external users, partners, and 3rd-party applications.

While traditional security can inspect network traffic that flows through the proxy/access gateway, CASBs lack visibility into traffic that bypasses the proxy and connects directly into the SaaS environment.


SaaS Security Management

SaaS Security Management (SSM) builds on the strengths of existing solutions like CASBs and incorporates features found in other point solutions, such as compliance and data security software.

SSM keeps pace with the speed of change in SaaS environments, constantly monitoring and recommending security configurations to match best practices and your business intent. SSM also satisfies the unique requirements that come with each internal stakeholder’s security responsibilities.

SSM discovers security threats; protects SaaS environments from unnecessary risks; continuously monitors applications for drift from established security baselines; and helps ensure organizations adhere to compliance standards.

SaaS Security Management Matrix

Key elements and responsibilities for different stakeholders are highlighted in the matrix below.

SaaS Security Management Categories


SaaS Risk Identification and Management

Manage and understand the security posture of your SaaS applications in one comprehensive and consolidated view. Automatically detect deviations from best practices in posture policy and apply new, predefined security baselines to ensure uniform security posture.

SaaS Security Monitoring and Detection

Continuously monitor for abnormal or inappropriate activity such as suspicious logins, brute force attempts, and overprivileged user access. SSM aligns with MITRE ATT&CK or predefined custom runbooks, allowing security teams to quickly understand the situation and prioritize responses.

Software DevSecOps​

Always-on security enables organizations to create custom policies that automatically scan development environments at each stage of the software development life cycle (SDLC) and identify issues on a continuous basis. Specifically, security and data permission configuration drift should be identified prior to pushing preliminary builds into production. 


Automated Remediation Workflow

Automatically aggregate and normalize SaaS activity events, check logs against built-in detection scenarios, and receive high fidelity alerts to SOC tooling when deviations from application-specific settings occur.

Continuous Compliance

Maintain compliance by continuously monitoring your SaaS applications with out-of-the-box configuration to control mappings for SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, and more.

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