Manage Security Posture and Risk Across SaaS Environments

 As adoption of enterprise SaaS grows, high-profile SaaS application data breaches are also on the rise. Organizations are responsible for the security of their data and must implement appropriate security settings for their environments. Yet the most widely used gateway architecture solutions lack visibility into the complex, unique characteristics of different SaaS applications. 

AppOmni’s SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) platform enables companies to better secure their SaaS data, while decreasing the workloads of security and IT teams.

Our platform delivers centralized visibility, unmatched data access management, and security controls that integrate seamlessly into any SaaS environment to secure sensitive data. 

Cross-cloud Security Posture Management

SaaS application misconfigurations are a towering problem but where to start?

We have made deployment easy so you can get visibility across your critical SaaS environments rapidly. Centrally discover the use of sensitive configurations and administrative actions. Detect and inventory third party applications and OAuth grants. Proactively remediate issues before they become a security event by leveraging out of the box best practice configuration policies and auto-remediation platform capabilities.

Data Access Exploration and Exposure Prevention

The constant battle of balancing convenience and security but why not have both?

Gain immediate visibility into what data can be accessed by all types of users and integrations – employees, contractors, external third parties, and more. Employ a verbose set of whitelist/blacklist security policies to allow or prevent access based on your company preferences. Expert-designed default policies enable SaaS Application teams to deliver business functionality more rapidly while ensuring continuous security coverage.


Effortless Monitoring and Detection

Don’t buy yet another single pane of glass.

Add comprehensive SaaS detection capabilities to your existing SecOps teams. Be alerted on abnormal, inappropriate, or suspicious activity that is occurring across your SaaS environments. Automatic event normalization and built-in detections provide high fidelity alerts directly to your existing tooling and teams. Proactively monitor and hunt for security posture and data access issues, preventing incidents from ever occurring.

Continuous Compliance

Interested in saving time and energy?

Automatically enforce critical SaaS security controls to meet PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR requirements for access monitoring and control with out of the box mappings for SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, and more. Auto-remediate configuration errors and deploy security baselines across multiple instances simultaneously and consistently. Audit and monitor the use of sensitive configuration and administrative actions. Trust and verify with detailed compliance reports and dashboards.

Get A Free Risk Assessment

Misconfiguration is a leading cause of SaaS data breaches.

AppOmni’s research shows that 95% of companies have external users with over-privileged access to data, and more than 55% of companies have sensitive data that’s inadvertently exposed to the anonymous internet.

Our risk assessment delivers visibility into who and what has access to your SaaS data and will help determine whether your security configurations match your business intent.