The AppOmni Platform

AppOmni is focused on empowering Security and IT teams with preventive and detective solutions that allow them to protect and secure the most important SaaS applications.


Our platform combines industry expertise with a powerful suite of functionality to help you better understand and resolve SaaS risk.


Monitor & Discover

Gain unparalleled centralized visibility into risks and security findings across your SaaS ecosystem. We arm teams with important and valuable information to help direct data-driven SaaS security decisions.


Detect & Protect

Leverage in-app best practice guidance, baseline policies, and expert remediation steps to help fix misconfigurations and issues. We make security teams experts in SaaS security and arm SaaS admins with the knowledge they need to secure their applications.


Maintain Compliance

Maintain compliance by continuously monitoring your SaaS applications with out-of-the-box configuration to control mappings for SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST CSF, NIST 800-53, and more.

Seamless Integration​

Send SaaS Alerts to Tools Already in Use

Through SEIM integrations, AppOmni delivers new information and enriched events to help security and IT teams make informed response decisions and take quick action.


Identify Security Trends

Trend graphs offer a visual snapshot of insights, issues, and detection alerts. Use graphs to visualize remediation progress over time, drill into more details by clicking the graph, or hover over a point to see a count of findings for a specific date.

Explore Open Policy Issues

Get an overview of violations in established security, functional, or service configuration policies across the entire SaaS environment. View issues in key categories: critical, production environments, data exposure, and security posture.


Examine Monitored Services

View a summary of findings and metrics across monitored SaaS applications. Use the table to compare security issues or look into detailed findings.

Investigate 3rd-Party Applications

The third-party apps pane captures approved and unapproved 3rd-party apps across all monitored services. Third-party apps can present considerable data exposure risk, and they often aren’t detected by traditional scanning and monitoring tools.


Get A Free Risk Assessment

Find out who and what has access to your SaaS data and determine whether your security configurations match your business intent.