Why You Need a SaaS Security Program For Your Salesforce Ecosystem

Explore how to establish a robust SaaS security program for Salesforce, address ecosystem-specific challenges, and implementing key steps for comprehensive management.

By Brian Soby, CTO and Co-Founder @AppOmni

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Organizations of all sizes and industries leverage the Salesforce ecosystem for efficiency and to automate processes. But, alongside its advantages enter potential customer-side security challenges, such as over privileged users and misconfigurations.

Collaboration between security teams and app owners is essential to securely operate within Salesforce. Establishing a dedicated SaaS security program is key to ensuring comprehensive and consistent management of your Salesforce instance.

This eBook covers:

  • Salesforce ecosystem-specific challenges security and IT teams may face
  • How to understand top SaaS risks and the shared responsibility model
  • 5 key steps to build your SaaS security program

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