AppOmni Launches Identity Fabric for Secure SaaS Data Access

AppOmni extends its comprehensive, continuous monitoring protection for the SaaS attack surface by introducing the industry’s first SaaS Identity Fabric.

SAN FRANCISCO – June 21, 2023  AppOmni, the leader in SaaS security, today announced SaaS Identity Fabric, an identity-centric solution that provides a comprehensive and consistent approach to securing end-user access to SaaS across the SaaS ecosystem. This enhanced capability includes end-user discovery, permissions analysis for identity governance, and end-user activity monitoring, combined with our advanced identity threat detection and response (ITDR) across enterprise SaaS applications. AppOmni’s SaaS Identity Fabric provides actionable user-centric insights with guided steps for remediation that can be accessed in the AppOmni console or integrated into an organization’s preferred security tool, such as a SIEM or SOAR solution.

Until recently, security and IT teams lacked the SaaS-specific security tooling to understand the risk created at the intersection of user over permissioning, posture misconfigurations, identity exposure, and malicious end-user activity. With the typical enterprise organization commanding a SaaS estate of hundreds of applications, pinpointing a specific end-user’s activity and risk across relevant SaaS apps presents a significant challenge to already overwhelmed security and risk teams.

Powered by the industry’s largest SaaS-activity data scope, which processes and analyzes over one billion events daily, the SaaS Identity Fabric empowers AppOmni customers to detect latent SaaS identity security risks, as well as identity-focused SaaS attacks that continue to dominate headlines and put organizations’ data, finances, and reputation at risk.

Without these SaaS events data logs and AppOmni’s unique identity-centric security approach, SaaS-specific end-user activity remains a blind spot for most enterprises, representing significant unmitigated cyber risk.

At a more granular level, the AppOmni SaaS Identity Fabric initiative enables a new level of identity cyber risk and threat detection capability and ability for security and risk teams to proactively manage the SaaS attack surface through the following capabilities:

  • Providing consistent and context-aware identity security governance across all SaaS apps, including custom, in-house apps
  • Identification of end-users with excessive identity access and permission entitlements or over permissioning that introduce excessive cyber risk across all SaaS applications
  • Analysis and reporting of end-user permissions and roles that provide excessive permission scopes
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) based on least privilege principles
  • End-User data access model analysis to help security and identity governance teams assess who can access specific data in complex SaaS data models
  • Comprehensive end-user activity monitoring and identity threat detection and response (ITDR) across all SaaS environments to identify compromised accounts, insider threat, and advanced threat actors, and guided risk and threat remediation
  • Out-of-the-box integration with SIEM, SOAR, and security data lakes to enable SaaS activity correlation with broader cyber threat data

The AppOmni SaaS Identity Fabric initiative removes this time-consuming, manual work, and is the first vendor in the SaaS security posture management (SSPM) marketplace to provide such insights. For example, a SOC team member may be alerted that an employee downloaded an unusually large number of files from a code repository. The security team can review the end-user’s activity over days, months, or even years across the code repository in conjunction with the end-user’s other active and inactive SaaS accounts. It can also identify other SaaS applications where the user may pose risk. This level of end-user activity insight and forensic capability is also becoming increasingly important from a regulatory compliance reporting standpoint.

Armed with this information and context, AppOmni customers can make smarter decisions, faster and mitigate cyber risk and significantly reduce the blast radius of a compromised end-user, promptly, with actionable security insights that enable guided remediation.

“As organizations move their sensitive and valuable data into SaaS applications, they have a more pronounced need for strong cloud data protection,” wrote Andras Cser, Vice President, Principal Analyst at Forrester, in The SaaS Security Posture Management Landscape, Q2 2023. “Excessive human and machine user identities’ access allows hackers to steal data easily from SaaS applications.”

“The SaaS Identity Fabric initiative is the next phase to further extend the AppOmni platform,” said Harold Byun, chief product officer at AppOmni. “Our solution already delivers best-in-class security for SaaS platforms, SaaS-to-SaaS connectivity, identification of critical misconfigurations and SaaS data leakage. The AppOmni SaaS Identity Fabric adds to this by providing an end-user-centric tie-in to help customers answer the question “who did what, when” in each SaaS app, across the SaaS estate. Providing that level of visibility is paramount to securing these SaaS applications in today’s threat landscape.”

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AppOmni is the pioneer of SaaS Security Posture Management enabling customers to achieve secure productivity with their SaaS applications. With AppOmni, security teams and SaaS application owners quickly secure their mission-critical and sensitive data from attackers and insider threats. The AppOmni platform constantly scans SaaS APIs, configurations, and ingested audit logs to deliver complete data access visibility, secure identities and SaaS-to-SaaS connections, detect threats, prioritize insights, and simplify compliance reporting.

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