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Ensure Compliance and Data Security for Your SaaS Applications

AppOmni secures any SaaS app. Learn more about common applications used by Legal firms.

Why Choose AppOmni for SaaS Security

Comprehensive Visibility

Gain insights into evolving risks, misconfigurations, data exposure, and compliance gaps and secure your business critical apps like iManage, ServiceNow, and across all SaaS applications.1

Automate configuration checks, identity management, and compliance reporting to stay ahead of evolving threats.2

Receive clear actionable insights to swiftly detect and mitigate emerging threats, ensuring your confidential data remains secure.3

Proven Results with AppOmni

“The AppOmni platform itself has all the integrations we need from day one. It’s an easy tool to work with. It’s responsive, and it’s just how it should be. We have great support and my technical team is extremely happy with it.”

Wai Sheng Cheng
Information Security and Risk Manager, Spencer Fane

Leverage AppOmni SaaS Security solutions to achieve

Comprehensive Risk Insight

Gain deep visibility into evolving risks and vulnerabilities across SaaS applications like iManage, Microsoft 365, Salesforce, and ServiceNow. Identify hidden vulnerabilities that traditional tools may miss post updates or integrations, ensuring proactive management of your expanding attack surface.

Automated Compliance

Automate configuration checks, identity management, and compliance reporting with AppOmni. Ensure your legal firm swiftly adapts to evolving configurations and regulatory changes, effortlessly maintaining stringent data protection standards.

Integration Risk Management

Continuously monitor connections between SaaS applications and other systems to mitigate integration risks. AppOmni identifies and addresses unforeseen vulnerabilities, ensuring comprehensive security across interconnected platforms.

Operational Efficiency

Streamline security operations and reduce IT complexity by automating routine tasks. Focus more on client needs while AppOmni effectively manages and secures your SaaS applications.

It’s time to secure your SaaS data. Let’s discuss how AppOmni can help you do it.

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