Security for All SaaS Applications

The AppOmni Developer Platform extends AppOmni’s SaaS security expertise, insights, and continuous monitoring to any SaaS application, including all SaaS vendors and custom SaaS apps built in-house.
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The AppOmni Developer Platform

Leverage the functionality and depth of AppOmni’s SaaS security platform to ensure universal coverage of all SaaS applications.

Extend SaaS Security Across Your Organization

There are thousands of SaaS applications, including custom applications built for specific enterprise needs, that require security coverage. There’s no doubt the SaaS app footprint and distribution of data will only grow. Through an easy develop-and-deploy approach, the AppOmni Developer Platform extends our SaaS security expertise, insights, and continuous monitoring to any SaaS or modern business application.

Understand Your Organization's Comprehensive Risk Profile

Implement a common security framework with a consistent set of policies and controls and clearly understand risk across your entire SaaS ecosystem.

Improve Security Controls Monitoring

Map application security posture information from authentication, UI, and APIs to AppOmni and easily monitor, receive alerts when changes occur, and secure critical configurations, user permissions, and 3rd party applications.

Detect Configuration Drift

Monitor the security of your SaaS applications from one solution so your team can quickly identify misconfigurations or drift to close security gaps and drive compliance across the entire enterprise application footprint.

Utilize Deep SaaS Expertise

Harness our deep experience as security practitioners and leaders at respected SaaS vendors, cybersecurity, and technology companies. AppOmni provides unprecedented depth of security controls analysis, data access and permissions modeling, 3rd party app assessment, and advanced threat detection for SaaS.

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AppOmni’s SaaS security platform gives security and IT teams an easy and automated way to secure their SaaS data and environments.