Introducing the AppOmni Developer Platform

In-Depth Security for ALL SaaS Applications

The AppOmni Developer Platform extends AppOmni’s SaaS security expertise, insights, and continuous monitoring to any SaaS application, including all SaaS vendors and custom SaaS apps built in-house. 

The Developer Platform offers:

Security controls analysis.

Data access and permissions modeling.

Third-party app assessment.

Advanced threat detection for all SaaS apps.

Partners, developers, SaaS providers, and customers can leverage the functionality and depth of AppOmni’s SaaS security platform to ensure universal coverage of all SaaS applications.

SaaS Security Resources


The AppOmni
SaaS Security Checklist

The AppOmni SaaS Security Checklist contains seven key categories and is designed to serve as a guide for organizations looking to build successful SaaS security programs.


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