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AppOmni helps enterprises gain deep, centralized visibility to cybersecurity risk across their Microsoft 365 ecosystem.
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AppOmni for Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is considered to be a critical business application for organizations worldwide. Because it is so widely used, unauthorized access to Microsoft 365 environments has become increasingly lucrative to motivated attackers.

Solution Benefits

AppOmni enables organizations to quickly and easily improve the security of their Microsoft 365 environment while decreasing the workload of IT and security teams.

Identify Incorrect Permissions & Configurations

Identify security misconfigurations related to System Settings, and Roles, Groups and User access. Use AppOmni Insights to identify potential security risks — Insights are defined by AppOmni SaaS security experts and designed to make Microsoft 365 admins experts in Microsoft 365 security.

Leverage Out-Of-The-Box Security Best Practices

Detect data theft and manage Posture Policies for Microsoft 365 modules including Exchange, Sharepoint, Intune, Azure AD User settings, Mail transport rules, Conditional Access Policies, and Identity settings. Go in-depth on Data Access for Sharepoint sites, including new Policies, Access Explorer, and Role and Time-based comparisons.

Continuously Monitor to Maintain security posture and hygiene

Maintain SaaS security compliance standards over time and prove compliance with regulatory standards - CIS benchmarks, SOX, SOC 2, ISO 27001, NIST.

Generate security and compliance reports from a centralized console.

5 Ways to Enhance Security in Microsoft 365

Combine security best practices and deep visibility to discover misconfigurations that can lead to data and user access risk.

With AppOmni, security and admin teams can quickly and efficiently discover, protect, monitor, and verify security and compliance in Microsoft 365.

Increase Visibility
Get a centralized view of M365 environment security posture. Receive zero-touch advice and reference 21+ AppOmni Insights to identify security risks. Apply security best practices using AppOmni curated baselines.
Leverage Ad Hoc Analysis
Gain visibility into which SharePoint sites and data are shared internally & publicly. See data access trends over time through tools like Persona and Historic Analysis. Explore organization settings to identify over-permissive accounts and misconfigured system settings.
Continuously Monitor for Configuration Drift
Convert ad hoc scan results into a policy for continuous evaluation of data access posture. Use 2000+ security controls for Exchange, SharePoint, Intune, Azure AD settings, Transport rules, Conditional Access Policies, and Defender. Prevent data leaks from oversharing data through loose or default sharing rules.
Administer Real-Time Threat Detection
Identify threats across M365 environments, users, and data. Manage 3rd-party app integrations and OAuth tokens. Normalize event logs to Elastic Common Schema for SIEM ingestion.
Maintain Compliance
Support for industry-standard compliance frameworks including: NIST CSF v1.1, SOC 2 Type 1, CIS Benchmark 1.3.0, ISO 27001:2013 Ensure continuous compliance using the compliance dashboard.

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