SaaS Security Management for


Microsoft 365

Discover misconfigurations and data access risk throughout your M365 Environment.

AppOmni enhances the security of your business-critical SaaS data in Microsoft 365.

Microsoft 365 is called “the productivity cloud,” and is a critical business application for companies worldwide. AppOmni helps enterprises gain deep, centralized visibility into cybersecurity risk across their SaaS ecosystems, including Microsoft 365.

With AppOmni, security and admin teams can quickly and efficiently discover, protect, monitor, and verify compliance in Microsoft 365 environments.



Gaps and Prioritize Effort

Microsoft 365 is a cohesive set of unique services with a multitude of different security configurations and capabilities. Understanding the complexities and how to properly configure these settings can be challenging.

AppOmni gives you centralized risk visibility to quickly identify configuration issues. Then you can prioritize and correct configuration drift. 


With Security Best Practices

Microsoft 365 provides several security features in its E3 and E5 products. But many security teams and application admins lack the time and expertise to fully take advantage of these native security features.

AppOmni’s expansive policy library helps security and Microsoft admin teams set security guardrails for more than 250 system configurations in Microsoft Teams, Exchange Online, Office apps, and SharePoint.



Environments and Verify Compliance

Microsoft 365 environments evolve constantly with the growth of your business—along with the complexity and amount of data that IT and admin teams must manage.

AppOmni goes where you work to simplify your team’s processes. Receive proactive alerts on suspicious activity and prioritize responses to existing workflow tooling. Prove compliance with regulatory standards: SOX, SOC 2, ISO 27001, and NIST.

Our Methodology


Cross-cloud Security Posture Management

Gain complete visibility across your critical SaaS environments like never before.


Data Access Exploration and Exposure Prevention

Find, fix, and prevent internal and external data access misconfigurations quickly with the power of best practice policy guardrails.


Powerful Monitoring and Detection Capabilities

Cut through the noise and receive actionable alerts.

We Protect SaaS Data for Global Leaders Across Technology, Healthcare, and Banking

Two of Silicon Valley’s three largest tech companies

Fortune 100 banks, insurers, and healthcare

Several of the most respected cyber security providers