Bolstering SaaS Security with Zero Trust Posture Management

See How to Achieve

1. Standardized least privilege access across your SaaS applications
2. Continuous monitoring and closed loop ZT implementation
3. Granular access decisions to prevent privilege misuse
4. Dynamic policy enforcement to reauthorize users based on context and behavior
5. Configuration assurance to prevent drift and ensure compliance

Enterprises are accelerating cloud migrations, building business resilience, and enabling hybrid work by adopting zero trust (ZT) architectures. According to the “Security Outcomes for Zero Trust” report by Cisco, 86% of respondents report that they have already started a ZT implementation.

Zero Trust Posture Management (ZTPM) extends the zero trust architecture beyond the network to SaaS applications and data. Join AppOmni CTO, Brian Soby to learn the ZTPM principles that secure THROUGH applications to create an end-to-end ZT architecture.

August 1st, 2024
10:00AM PT


Brian Soby
Co-Founder & CTO, AppOmni

Allan Ram
Product Management Leader, Cisco Cloud Security

Chad Knipschild
Associate Director, Product Marketing, AppOmni

Webinar ZTPM