A Risk-Based Approach to SaaS Security

What you’ll learn

 Get insights on the Salesforce Community data leak risks
 Learn about key SaaS breaches from 2023
 Recommendations for securing your SaaS estate

SaaS is now the de facto IT operating model, hosting critical data and workflows across 500 to 1,000 apps for the average enterprise organization. Security teams and app owners alike have faced challenges with a lack of visibility into the cyber risk that each SaaS app and SaaS-to-SaaS connection presents.

Now, solutions like SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) enable unparalleled observability, continuous monitoring, and control over an entire SaaS estate. By adopting SSPM as part of a broader security program, enterprises can move to a risk-based approach to SaaS security.

Hear from AppOmni’s SaaS security experts.

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Aaron Costello
Principal SaaS Security Engineer

Alec Peiffer
Sr. Director, Product Management

John Filitz
Head of Product Marketing