SSPM—The Missing Component of Cloud Security

What you’ll learn

• What makes SaaS clouds different
• Why approaches and tooling that work for “traditional” cloud (IaaS and PaaS) security are inapplicable and insufficient to address SaaS security requirements at scale
• What to look for in SaaS that demands additional security measures • Best practices in SaaS security configuration and monitoring
• Key approaches to build and operationalize a SaaS security program

Industry analysts estimate that 99% of cloud data breaches will be traced back to preventable misconfigurations made by end-users. Yet companies are disproportionately allocating resources to secure the public cloud infrastructure instead of SaaS, which is the number one way organizations consume cloud.


Harold Byun
Chief Product Officer, AppOmni

Andy Ogenoff
Managing Director, Global SaaS Security Lead, Accenture

John Yeoh
Global Vice President of Research, Cloud Security Alliance