Employee Spotlight: Sarah Osburn, Sr. Technical Account Manager @ AppOmni

By AppOmni

Life at AppOmni revolves around solving cloud security challenges to protect the data of major global organizations. Without our employees, none of this would be possible. Employee Spotlights is a Q&A series dedicated to showcasing the great talent at AppOmni, recognizing the amazing work they do each and every day.

For our second series, we’re spotlighting Sarah Osburn, a Sr. Technical Account Manager. Technical Account Managers (or TAMs) at AppOmni are core to shaping our customers’ technical success with the AppOmni platform. 

What’s your role at AppOmni?

I am a technical contact and conduit for our customers. I manage our customer relationships throughout the entire customer journey, ensuring their success with our app from onboarding onwards. In my role, I act as a trusted technical advisor for key customer champions, align their business and security goals to the AppOmni platform roadmap, provide feedback into the product development process on their behalf, and recommend features that can be leveraged to increase our customers’ SaaS security posture. 

How did you get started in cybersecurity?

I had done some security training with Salesforce in my prior role and realized quickly how much security extended well beyond Salesforce and into other SaaS apps. At that time, I was hired as a Salesforce consultant by Brian Soby in 2019 to provide a perspective to the architecture of Data Access and Functional policies as well as Classifications. I then contracted with Brandon Conley to help define and build out the Sales Operations process in Salesforce and after having worked with both of them and having met the rest of the AppOmni team, I knew that I had to continue on this journey however I could with AppOmni.

What do you enjoy most about working at AppOmni?

Easy question! The people. The leadership is pretty incredible and after having been a consultant for many years, I had met so many companies’ leadership teams and staff and had never met a greater group of such talented individuals. The culture of AppOmni blew me away and continues to do so. Everyone is willing to share their extensive knowledge for the betterment of our customers. 

Employee Spotlights: Sarah Osburn

What’s 1 thing on your bucket list?

Moving to Costa Rica and surfing at least once a day, while overcoming my fear of rodents and spiders.

What piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t quit and don’t give up. This may be tough, but you’re tougher, so stay the course.

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