Unmatched Salesforce Ecosystem Security: Shield and AppOmni

By Vivek Kumar, Sr. Director of Technology Alliances, AppOmni & Amanda Payne, Partner Account Manager, Salesforce

Simple SaaS security setting mistakes can cause major issues. According to Gartner, preventable misconfigurations account for +99% of cloud breaches.

Thankfully, Salesforce customers can tap into Salesforce Shield to provide their organizations with comprehensive security for critical data. And by adding AppOmni to your Salesforce instance, you can prevent misconfigurations with advanced security tooling, such as configuration management, continuous monitoring, and threat detection.

Armed with these insights, your organization can meet your shared responsibility model obligations to prevent the end-user mistakes and configurations that lead to serious Saas breaches.

Shared Responsibility Model for SaaS Security | AppOmni
With Salesforce Shield and AppOmni, you can better manage shared responsibilities.

Combining Salesforce Shield with AppOmni ensures visibility into Salesforces’ security settings and identity and access management. AppOmni can ingest and normalize Salesforce Shield events and logs in a useful and actionable format that’s integrated into your SIEM or SOAR for faster event notification and guided remediation. This saves your security operations center (SOC) from downloading, parsing, and evaluating Shield logs.

With AppOmni’s full capabilities, you can extend SaaS security across your entire SaaS ecosystem, including 3rd party apps and other SaaS-to-SaaS connections. AppOmni’s 3rd party app data shows that, on average:

  • Many SaaS environments have 900 user-to-application connections
  • Enterprises have 42 different 3rd party apps connected into live SaaS environments
  • 22 of these apps have not been used in the last six months, yet they retain access rights to major SaaS platforms

The sheer number of 3rd party apps and SaaS-to-SaaS connections with access to highly sensitive data creates numerous access points for threat actors. Understanding the state of your organization’s 3rd party apps — and their access rights — is key to keeping your Salesforce ecosystem secure.

With AppOmni, you can gain visibility into what permissions apps like Hubspot, Xactly, and Slack have in your Salesforce environment. You can also conduct a complete inventory of apps connected to all major SaaS platforms, such as ServiceNowWorkday, and Microsoft365, to harden security across your entire ecosystem.

See how AppOmni covers all aspects of security posture. Download your Salesforce Security Executive Findings Report.

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