AppOmni Named a 2021 SINET16 Innovator

AppOmni Sinet16 2021 Blog Featured

Today is an exciting day for AppOmni. This morning SINET announced that AppOmni is one of the 2021 SINET16 Innovators. Winning awards always feels good, but for me, SINET16 is a special accomplishment – one that I’ve been aspiring to since I founded the company in 2018.

Why is SINET16 different from other types of recognition? There are several reasons:

  1. SINET16 is extremely competitive. Every single year. According to SINET, there were 190 applicants for the 2021 award.
  2. It’s not “pay to play.” There is no fee to apply and the judges are experienced security experts and practitioners from varied backgrounds within the security space.
  3. Applicants are judged based on impact, strength of technology, and value to the customer. These are the same values that are the most important to me as we build and scale AppOmni.
  4. Finally, past winners include some of the largest, most innovative, and most successful security companies in the world like CrowdStrike, Duo, and FireEye. We’re humbled to now be part of this incredible group of companies.

Being named a SINET16 innovator recognizes the hard work the entire AppOmni team does every day and validates the importance of our mission to secure SaaS data. I’m grateful to the SINET team for this recognition. We will continue working hard, not just to protect the SaaS data of our customers, but to create the type of positive impact that inspires the next generation of security companies and lives up to the legacy of our SINET16 predecessors.

Thank you SINET, and congratulations to our fellow 2021 Innovators!


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