Advanced SaaS security protection for Delinian

“There’s a huge value-add by having a consolidated and comprehensive solution, combined with fantastic support that we’ve experienced by working with AppOmni.” ​

Paul Griffiths
CISO, Delinian

About Delinian

  • B2B data intelligence and information services company comprising 16 businesses
  • Bespoke financial intelligence to customers in highly specialized markets, including aircraft finance, legal industry benchmarking, and personal wealth management
  • Growth through mergers and acquisitions (M&A), boasting 2,500 employees across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia with customers in 160 countries


Information Services

Use Cases

  • SaaS Cyber Risk Management for M&A
  • Posture Management
  • Data Security
  • SaaS-to-SaaS Cyber Risk

The Challenge

Delinian powers highly specialized businesses’ market ambitions with data intelligence. Its growing portfolio of 17 information services businesses provides critical data and expert insights to customers across 160 countries, enabling them to make intelligence-informed decisions at the right time.

The company continues to build upon its success as a trusted source for industry intelligence through mergers and acquisitions (M&As). Delinian CISO Paul Griffiths understood that strategic M&As bring with them a unique set of cybersecurity challenges, as sensitive data flowing from different business units and customers requires safeguarding at all times.

When an acquisition becomes part of its ecosystem, Delinian needs to assess the acquired entity’s SaaS platforms, third-parties, business partners, and security controls to identify any possible cybersecurity risks.

Regulatory compliance also varies significantly across the 160 country jurisdictions in which the company operates. Even divestitures face SaaS security challenges as legal and operational risks are heightened by rigorous country specific data protection and regulatory compliance policies.

Griffiths fully recognized that SaaS is a dominant feature for enterprises’ IT operational model. Working 100% in the cloud means extensive reliance on SaaS applications by a global workforce. Moreover, SaaS’ fluid nature introduces unforeseen cyber risks due to vendor updates and employees’ use of shadow IT.

Data protection and visibility into SaaS applications controls — from a single pane of glass — are of utmost importance to Griffiths.

“I think there’s a legacy mindset within many organizations that they believe SaaS solutions are inherently secure. We’re a 100% cloud-based organization so we work exclusively with SaaS, and we’ve done security assessments within SaaS environments, and it’s very common to find that multiple instances of the same SaaS solution are configured completely differently.”

Paul Griffiths
CISO, Delinian

Must-have Capabilities

Delinian needed a solution to provide visibility and actionable, application-aware findings on their SaaS environments’ interdependencies. This includes getting insight on third- and fourth-party cyber risks. “I wanted a consistent operational model for our SaaS environment, one solution that ensures comprehensive SaaS protection and return on investment (ROI) from a resourcing and value standpoint,” says Griffiths.

  • Easy Integration
  • Extensive SaaS App Catalog Coverage
  • Depth of SaaS Security Posture Management for core apps such as Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Slack and other collaboration apps
  • High fidelity and actionable SaaS cyber risk insights
  • Guided remediation
  • Low FTE requirements for management

AppOmni’s Impact

82% improvement in SaaS security posture visibility

Unparalleled depth of coverage across Salesforce, M365, Slack and collaboration apps

Accurate, prioritized findings and actionable SaaS cyber risk insights

Exceptional experience and partnership from AppOmni’s customer support team

SaaS Security After AppOmni

With AppOmni, Delinian received exactly what they were looking for: a consistent and comprehensive cybersecurity approach to managing their sprawling and growing SaaS estate.

Results came in very quickly during the POC stage. Security findings were also delivered and presented in an exceptional manner. According to Griffiths, the AppOmni team was hands-on in assisting Delinian’s cybersecurity team to socialize security findings to application owners, who commonly sit outside of the IT and cybersecurity function, and to various business units such as HR, finance, and sales. This goes to show that the rapid adoption of SaaS is no longer a strictly IT-controlled function.

Griffiths highlighted that AppOmni’s sales and customer success teams “went above and beyond” to provide white-glove service when onboarding the AppOmni platform. This included developing numerous custom reports for senior leadership, which quickly demonstrated AppOmni’s value and impact on addressing SaaS cybersecurity risk.

AppOmni helps Delinian perform M&A (and divestiture) due diligence by continuously scanning APIs, security controls, and configuration settings against business intent and industry best practice. Without an SSPM solution like AppOmni, Griffiths is certain that organizations cannot effectively gauge the extent of potential and real SaaS cyber risk vulnerabilities.

“We find more value in AppOmni’s continuous posture assessment and security automation compared to manual audits. The consumable, bite-sized reports allows us to take a risk-based prioritization approach in how we tackle remediation within a SaaS environment.”

Paul Griffiths
CISO, Delinian

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