Emaar Group in Dubai leverages AppOmni to improve SaaS security visibility

“AppOmni is a great tool for security posture management and ensures that our customer data is secure.” ​

Binoo Joseph
Chief Information Security Officer, Emaar Group

About Emaar

Emaar Group is a Forbes Global 2000 multinational real estate development group that builds some of the most recognizable buildings across the hospitality, entertainment and retail sectors. Emaar’s Group Technology division manages SaaS applications and monitors their security networks across their entire global enterprise stack.


The team was finding it challenging to understand what was happening from a configuration and posture standpoint as their SaaS application tech stack scaled. The company needed a lightweight SaaS security solution that would allow the Network Security team to manage their SaaS applications and enforce compliance and policies. They decided to partner with AppOmni.


Emaar Group uses AppOmni to perform continuous security posture management for multiple SaaS applications across their global enterprise stack. Binoo Joseph, Emaar Group’s Chief Information and Technology Officer, appreciates that AppOmni helps his team understand what’s going on in SaaS applications in terms of both configuration and posture. With Emaar Group’s shift to SaaS applications, visibility has become critical. Joseph likes that AppOmni provides visibility into the level of access provided to external and internal users, and informs his team of configuration changes. The team appreciates that AppOmni is easy to use and doesn’t have a steep learning curve to implement.

After AppOmni

The newly realized visibility through AppOmni has had a positive impact on the Network Security team’s operations. Joseph’s team can easily implement compliance measures such as permission management for inactive users. They also receive the right alerts and clear steps to triage issues at the right time, instead of relying on regular periodic reviews to evaluate user access permission and object-based permissions, which could extend time to remediation. Managing and achieving compliance with SaaS applications has become as simple as turning on and off data access. These efficiencies have decreased team workload and will continue to be leveraged as Emaar Group scales its use of AppOmni.

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