Secure Your Slack Environment with AppOmni

Discover risky apps, configurations, and users

AppOmni for Slack

Slack’s popularity and use continues to grow across corporate enterprises. 65 of the Fortune 100 companies rely on them for company communication. Coupled with a developer rich ecosystem of more than 4,000 apps, customers enjoy both convenience and extended functionality.

Extensibility is a key centerpiece of Slack and the value of the tool grows exponentially as companies and users introduce more apps and integrations. This does, however, introduce increased complexity and system administration overhead. A centralized third-party application management, permission assignments, and configuration controls is necessary.

Discover Misconfigurations & Data Exposures

AppOmni is focused on providing you information and visibility so you can better understand, manage, and secure Slack. Through our simple deployment process and timely scanning, you are presented a high-level overview of your risks with a breakdown on the criticality of each of those issues.

Protect What’s Important

Create and apply flexible and proactive enforcement policies and workflows. By setting policy guardrails via our verbose rules engine you can configure organization settings, workspace settings, workspace assignments, new workspace, guest settings, and app scopes all centrally and simultaneously across your Slack environment.

Ensure Safe Third-Party Connections

The Slack app directory has categories that range from Developer Tools to Social & Fun. With AppOmni, you are able to quickly understand, monitor, and detect app scopes for each of these unique applications. Leverage AppOmni’s baseline Slack policies to get out-of-the-box functionality to monitor the most critical app scopes. These include scopes such as admin, channel management—including the ability to channel write, and groups history. You can also easily determine which apps have these scopes and where they are installed.

Workspace monitoring is also a breeze. You can detect and alert on any guest user or unsanctioned user who are added to confidential workspaces.

As with all AppOmni supported applications, normalized logs and workflows enable you to hook into your existing monitoring and detection processes and tooling to streamline remediation

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